BLACK MARIA day in West Virginia

  I’m the great granddaughter and granddaughter of a Pennsylvania coal mining heritage. The Black Maria was the horse drawn wagon that pulled the dying or deceased from a mining accident. In a world dependant upon energy resources we know coal and shale mining are available minerals here in our home soil not dependant upon the volatility of the cartels in the Middle East or value of the Euro or even today the rising Canadian dollar from which we import crude at an increasing price.

   I hate taxes, but it is specific the taxes wasted on autocracy that does nothing but jabber and create regulation too late and targeted wrong. I ask who is working in a garage on some energy source which is here and recycled? Let’s spend a billion on developing and building a record find/ a real use in America.

   Dennis O’Dell speaks for the United Mine workers today and I can think of no words he can offer to the wives, the children, the loss of those who walk the parade behind the Black Maria today. May we all say a prayer for America to be strong and to seek answers.

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