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City of Laguna Niguel
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Joe Brown
Gary Capata
Paul G Glaab
Linda Lindholm
Robert Ming

My City Manager sent me a letter asking that I provide input on meeting my existing and emerging needs. I assume he was unhappy about something I wrote in the Register regarding “The City Council has no fiscal responsibility and should stop all construction on the over budget, unnecessary palace and sell the land.” California faces junk bond status. Our City tax revenues are crashing. There are major budget cuts
for our teachers next it will be fire and police.

The multicolored embossed letter offers a link to

BUT the link doesn’t work. The link actually directs you to a Canadian lottery to win
a Ford Mustang. I welcome all to have at it and drive that Ford down from Dawson City in Northern Canada.

In response to your lovely letter, I expect you to spend money as if it was being borrowed from your Grandmother who survived The Great Depression. We have now repaired the median on Golden Lantern with lush landscaping and new traffic design four times in three years, and the road appears about the same. We do need to pay our teachers, firemen, Sherriff the same salary they have become accustomed. I stand by my plan to join a Tri-City merger of all duplicated services.

Thank you for asking for my input. If I win the Mustang please donate it to a raffle to gather the funding we need for schools.

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