To do this Memorial Day

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND Come on Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, and Dana Point fly your flag


Memorial Day was established on May 30, 1868 to honor the nation’s war dead, the holiday was originally called “Decoration Day” because people laid flowers on the graves of the fallen. No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, today’s military heroes deserve respect and our help. They don’t make big money and are away from family to protect our safety and honor.

• Let those colors fly get out your American Flag

• Honor the living, it’s a day for a lemonade stand to raise money for disabled American Veterans. Make a paper sign and donate. I learned volunteerism, fundraising and service from example of great people- be great we are Americans who share. Give to Disabled American Veterans. ( Or your family could volunteer together at your local Veterans’ Affairs Hospital. Find it at

• Make a connection. Memorial Day may be about remembering those who have given their service and their lives for our country, but there are soldiers in the field under fire right now. Thousands of American soldiers are serving in danger zones abroad. Many are lonely, afraid, crave for magazines about home, snacks, personal hygiene products, paper and pens, and cheery letters and pictures. To send a letter or care package to a soldier, try

Camp Pendeton is so close to us in South Orange County, I could hear their exercises last weekend. They have a site for volunteers:

Shea why take away something so good?

   I love getting up early and after my run going to I Love Bagels. I purchase six hot bagels and the full fat cream cheese then sit outside on the tables with my coffee black. I am certain to see parents from Laguna Niguel Little League with cheerful faces. I chat with sleepy Dana Hills teenage girls still in their jammies in line hustling in to pick up a toasted everything bagel or neighbors with their dogs tied to the chairs of the outdoor dining patio. It’s not a luxury patio with an ocean view; it is a homey community location.
   I Love Bagels was told when their lease was expiring that Shea Properties would not negotiate a new lease. It doesn’t make sense. Retail space is very available in the Village, Town Center, the Plaza, the Clubhouse and other similar locations in Laguna Niguel for $22- $33 a foot. Our economy is not booming to turn away a paying tenant.  I Love Bagels is an excellent compliment to the center because it is used in the mornings when the other restaurants and theater are closed. I Love Bagels is not a ‘major” or publicly traded brand like Bed Bath and Beyond, Pier One, Trader Joe’s or 24 Hour Fitness which also occupy the center; but I always window shop at Pier One on my Saturday morning I Love Bagels run.
   The only conflict might be that Peet’s coffee (highly upgraded inside tenant improvements compared to the spare plastic benches of I Love Bagels) sells coffee and baked goods. Peets’ coffee might be superior but it attracts an older crowd. I would rather support an independent and local owner. So why is I Love Bagels Ocean Ranch Center is being forced to close its Golden Lantern location by Shea Properties?
    Shea, a privately owned company, you would think is seeing down turn in their own business. John Shea who lives in Pasadena was named the 37th wealthiest person in Los Angeles County last year. He owns 10 million square feet of office space, golf resorts, Reed Construction, a home building division, and apartment and retail space valued at $870,000,000.  Shea properties response was that I Love Bagels closes  at 3:00 and they want a tenant who will be open evenings/ mall hours.  I Love Bagels is moving across the street, they will have some down time. The other store on Crown Valley will remain open. I will miss the community of the patio. I know many other neighbors will feel the same. John Shea, I wish you had been more caring in your decision because I won’t go frequent your other tenants now.


Banking isn't Boring

Syracuse University students greeted banking graduation speaker with a blow up doll today.
Merkley-Levin Amendment summary (as it remains) in the Reform Bill:
1. Bank traders can no longer act like hedge funds.
2. Financial firms will not be able to bet against their own customers.
3. Banks will still be able to securitize loans.
4. Banks will be able to hold clients money but not use bank funds.
   Goldman, JPMorgan, and others will have time to sell off these accounts/
   Divest of accounts they managed with bank dough.
5. Non-banks can gamble, trade, and bet against their own customers, but they must create cash accounts against their speculations.

The Germans no more “nakedshorting”  (gambing of short selling bank stocks without having cash in an account to cover) badly spun the stock market by surprise yesterday.
Germany came out today with approving a huge bailout program for the weak members of the EU, this calmed our stock market fears a little.

So will the banking reform bill be a ping-pong match in the coming weeks?


Trash Burning At Pelican Hill

Newport Beach Fire Department responds to fire in
Trash Truck at the Arches of Pelican Hill.

Under the elegant and posh massive arching gates (created to imitate Roman aqueducts or grand Italianate structures) a fire started inside the belly of the trash pickup. Garbage was strewn all over the street, which was blocked by numerous fire trucks that responded. I’m surprised the event was not reported in the O.C. Register, as the smell could be detected from the top of Newport Coast. The odor of rotting and burned junk- not what Newport Beach real estate needs today…The good part of the morning’s event was seeing those handsome Newport Beach firemen working with great care to douse the smoldering flames. It is assumed someone packed fireplace ashes in their Hefty bags.


Lancaster Community Hospital Kicks a Man who can't move to the Curb

Al Smith is not famous; he is a nice guy who came upon hard times. Al is homeless and went to Lancaster Community Hospital last week when he had weakness in his legs. The hospital performed surgery on Al and they say they removed a cancerous tumor on his spine. Al walked into the hospital and now is a paraplegic. Lancaster Community hospital Director Bob Trautman is unavailable for comment as the hospital plans to kick this man to the curb (who can’t walk, can’t eat, and can’t release his own bowels.)

I know Al because he did some work for me a year ago. Al is a quiet person who would not complain. Hospital personnel told him the have a social worker processing his Medical, but it is not completed for an unknown reason. I asked the hospital receptionist would she treat her dog this way?

No shelter will take him because the amount of care he needs ( he has numerous tubes in and out ) is far beyond their means.


HOME OWNER ASSOCIATION Run just like Peoples Republic?

Home Owner Associations wield sole absolute power over residents. Is the Owner of K. Pacific a parallel to Hu Jintao of China?

     Laguna Niguel was originally planned by developers who turned over the maintenance of landscaping, pools, and a variety of open areas to owner run ‘Associations’.  There is no uniformity or legal sameness in the original written ‘Charters’. The first Home Owner Associations were often run by well meaning residents who were unpaid.  Associations collected large sums of money and faced the whining and complaining of a small few. Early do-gooders moved out of those positions after learning it was far easier to lay low and avoid pettiness. Associations hold elections, which often the majority owners never voted in new officers (in some complexes the process vague or difficult). From this grew a new crowd of Boards, cropped with their own agenda. It is not accidental that the guy whose brother owns the largest landscape contractor in the County or the Construction Roofing/decking Corporation gets the seat on the Board. Some Associations later turned accounting over to professional management companies because of fraud, bad math practices and lawsuits.  There is no legal licensing requirement to run a HOA. Some have completed classes on the legal aspects of HOA’s. There are two California organizations, which provide newsletters and informational support.
   Still today, secret contracts are granted to the buddy in the business in the millions of dollars.  An Association will have rules, CCR’s Budget and Bylaws but each complex will has separate rules, which may or may not be followed. There is no uniform enforcement but by the professional management company who can arbitrarily decide permits and file legal actions without cause. And who foots the legal bills? Answer: every resident in the tract.

   Residents of Mission Hills community are currently outraged by the removal of 328 trees for a cost of nearly fifty thousand of their hard earned dollars. The Management Company and the Association seem unavailable for comment. By the next Board meeting date, the trees will already be cut to the nub. Someone might say Eucalyptus gum trees aren’t native. They are fast growing trees that are a fire hazard, fall hazard and whose leaves and trunks are so toxic that they cannot be burned without a toxic hazard permit. I had a full grown Eucalyptus fall on my car at my office (thanks Koll Company who had 3 felled trees in same lot over seven months- Koll Co. claims to not be responsible for their deferred maintenance. I asked them to post a sign saying the trees are a hazard to life and limb- they did not). Others in the community like the privacy or the sounds of rustling winds through the branches. Still more will complain that now the Board has removed the habitat for possums, coyotes and critters we are seeing more of these now disturbed in the canyon and as road kill.
   So why does only one family want to speak with the Orange County Register when they all are complaining in their front yards?  Is it fear of the big bad Board?  Perhaps the Homeowners go to the next meeting and say, we aren’t paying the unauthorized fifty thousand dollar bill?
  Don’t worry, there will be another lawsuit. Only the lawyers appreciate apartheid life behind the Orange Curtain. Buyers beware before you buy in an HOA.  Condominium Associations in all the sand states are far worse; some have no fire insurance policy for the community building.


Revolutionary Green Home and Office

     Revolutionary Green Ideas for Office and Home aren't that difficult or costly. I’m thinking about oil/ OPEC/Crude spilling in the Gulf and the best answer to being greener today is to cut our consumption by forty percent. I don’t just mean gasoline; I am talking about cutting our electric, gas, trash and water usage.
   My local water company (Moulton Niguel Water in Lguna Niguel) asked residents and businesses to cut water usage by 20% during a severe water shortage. My household cut our water down by thirty eight percent, and I have several teenagers at home. My father used to make us take "military showers", there were so many of us if you didn’t the small house water heater would never have regenerated enough hot water. This sounded crazy to my children who are accustomed to relaxing in the hot shower until the tank runs out. A military shower was defined as, ten second rinse and soap the washcloth; turn off the water and lather and shampoo then 2-minute rinse in hot.  That was unreasonable considering I had established a trend and belief that taking a long shower was somehow a luxury that they deserved.
   I used a kitchen timer with a buzzer, and if they take a shower in less than five minutes they get a dollar. I know a bribe, but it worked and changed their concept of hot water relax. If they want to be leisurely they take a bath in less than 3 inches and sit until they are pruney.
   I installed displacement toilet dams in toilet reservoirs. Placing one or two plastic containers filled with stones (not bricks you will have a rusty colored toilet) in the toilet's reservoir will displace about 4 liters of water per flush. I am not a big supporter of low flow toilets because in California they are required but many users end up flushing multiple times to accomplish the goal. I may not be so prudy and will refrain from the 1980’s slogan about it being yellow.
   I love to garden. The idea of not having spring flowers everywhere was a sacrifice I wasn’t willing to cut. I compromised and mulched more and turned the sprinklers on the grass areas off and only water the flowers and pots. I recycle much water from household use and only use a spray cut off nozzle for any cleaning. Our water bill went down $380 a month, even with the dollar bribes I'm ahead because I'm an ATM machine anyways isn't every parent?
So how do we apply the concept larger? Just don’t buy as much. Don’t buy products with large part only packaging. This saves time, space, and clutter.
   In the office it is more difficult to convince a team to cut back for the good of being “green”.  There are a couple simple tips that can make a business not only save money, save in trash and perhaps benefit the whole.
   When you leave your desk Turn off equipment when it's not being used. This can reduce the energy used by 25 percent; turning off the computers at the end of the day can save an additional 50 percent.
   Communicate by email, and read email messages onscreen most can be saved in folders without the need to print them. Organizing the folders by project can allow you to access information at the keyboard without sorting through junk.
   Reduce fax-related paper waste by using a fax-modem and by using a fax cover sheet only when necessary. Many Fax-modems are free and allow documents to be sent directly from a computer, never requiring a printed hard copy.
   Produce double-sided documents.
   Do not leave taps dripping; always turn off tightly. (One drop wasted per second wastes 10,000 liters per year.)
   Be a hero. Don’t make a pot of coffee only for you, be friendly and generous and ask if others want a cup.
Being green does not require huge time or cash, just awareness that we are all responsible. 


Recent Single Family Sales Improving

Sales in Orange County that are less than 4 miles from the water are recovering. Residential real estate inland is not improving. See attached numbers this past March compared to last year. Single family homes in Newport, Laguna, Dana Point with a water view are selling.
Condominiums are still being hit hard county wide.
Orange County Home Sales March 2010

Percentage Change is from the same month last year. City name far left and information to right below

ORANGE COUNTY Sales Count SFR: Median Price SFR/($1000) Price % chg from/March 2009 Sales

Count Condos Median

Price Condos ($1000) Price % chg from March 2009 Median SFR Price per Sq Ft

Countywide 1,668 $515 19.4% 855 $300 19.0% $291

Aliso Viejo 92656 15 $585 12.5% 58 $360 9.9% $216

Anaheim 92801 29 $339 17.1% 10 $260 110.1% $265

Anaheim 92802 8 $341 -0.4% 1 $276 15.0% $202

Anaheim 92804 42 $350 7.7% 15 $153 12.1% $229

Anaheim 92805 28 $335 19.6% 5 $270 100.0% $258

Anaheim 92806 14 $395 -8.1% 1 $200 -3.6% $233

Anaheim Hls 92807 29 $525 10.5% 10 $260 -41.6% $279

Anaheim Hls 92808 16 $550 -8.3% 5 $340 -4.2% $272

Balboa Islnd 92662 3 $1,600 -5.9% n/a n/a n/a $1,331

Brea 92821 31 $458 -15.3% 3 $295 -9.9% $268

Brea 92823 5 $587 6.7% n/a n/a n/a $407

Buena Park 90620 27 $385 11.6% 1 $275 n/a $319

Buena Park 90621 20 $395 21.6% 5 $390 44.4% $252

Capistrno B 92624 3 $586 21.6% 1 $499 n/a $355

Corona d Mr 92625 21 $1,350 -53.5% 8 $900 7.1% $918

Costa Mesa 92626 25 $528 6.0% 7 $329 -4.8% $340

Costa Mesa 92627 27 $520 23.8% 6 $372 22.2% $395

Cypress 90630 28 $500 9.9% 6 $329 11.4% $312

Dana Point 92629 20 $815 41.7% 16 $410 -4.7% $462

Foothill Rch 92610 10 $514 -10.5% 8 $259 3.5% $319

Fountain Vly 92708 36 $585 7.3% 8 $242 10.1% $312

Fullerton 92831 18 $495 -3.0% 9 $290 30.3% $287

Fullerton 92832 12 $315 3.3% 2 $235 32.8% $294

Fullerton 92833 35 $469 31.2% 10 $307 8.9% $286

Fullerton 92835 14 $714 1.2% 9 $226 -22.1% $299

Garden Grv 92840 30 $363 4.3% 12 $215 19.4% $269

Garden Grv 92841 16 $365 4.3% 1 $216 2.9% $270

Garden Grv 92843 13 $343 2.4% 3 $147 -3.9% $292

Garden Grv 92844 10 $320 -12.6% 8 $215 -18.9% $214

Garden Grv 92845 10 $463 -12.5% 1 $320 59.2% $363

Huntingtn B 92646 36 $630 17.8% 18 $293 -16.1% $315

Huntingtn B 92647 12 $528 -0.8% 4 $255 0.8% $360

Huntingtn B 92648 23 $950 15.6% 8 $436 16.7% $375

Huntingtn B 92649 20 $645 -21.1% 4 $178 -65.8% $405

Irvine 92602 14 $744 1.9% 12 $524 0.8% n/a

Irvine 92603 18 $1,244 11.8% 16 $541 5.2% $430

Irvine 92604 17 $605 1.3% 19 $418 27.6% $330

Irvine 92606 9 $648 -2.6% 6 $415 7.2% $331

Irvine 92612 11 $495 -0.6% 19 $370 -9.8% $329

Irvine 92614 7 $747 3.0% 14 $482 46.5% $360

Irvine 92618 5 $931 25.2% 9 $495 29.8% n/a

Irvine 92620 30 $740 8.3% 28 $530 10.4% $338

La Habra 90631 42 $369 6.8% 15 $200 17.0% $273

La Palma 90623 7 $561 6.9% n/a n/a n/a $266

Ladera Rnch 92694 29 $738 13.8% 18 $353 0.7% n/a

Laguna Bch 92651 25 $1,113 -2.6% 1 $1,410 291.7% $976

Laguna Hills 92653 22 $527 4.3% 13 $240 -5.9% $293

Laguna Nigl 92677 50 $708 -0.5% 44 $324 14.5% $301

Laguna Wds 92637 n/a n/a n/a 24 $188 -27.9% n/a

Lake Forest 92630 26 $513 19.2% 31 $235 10.6% $288

Los Alamitos 90720 8 $732 13.9% 3 $407 0.7% $382

Midway City 92655 3 $385 -3.8% 2 $238 8.7% $383

Mission Vjo 92691 43 $505 4.1% 10 $262 16.8% $295

Mission Vjo 92692 33 $520 22.5% 16 $405 5.5% $259

Newport Bh 92660 32 $1,425 67.6% 13 $500 -35.1% $549

Newport Bh 92661 5 $2,650 99.7% n/a n/a n/a $1,220

Newport Bh 92663 10 $1,172 -22.9% 12 $625 20.8% $732

Newport Cst 92657 14 $2,855 2.5% 4 $738 -18.1% $472

Orange 92865 15 $413 3.3% 4 $348 189.6% $235

Orange 92866 4 $470 5.6% 2 $325 90.6% $368

Orange 92867 28 $618 30.7% 4 $262 -35.3% $268

Orange 92868 8 $330 9.3% 4 $202 n/a $269

Orange 92869 24 $585 7.3% 16 $326 45.4% $250

Placentia 92870 33 $450 16.9% 15 $332 84.2% $264

Rancho S M 92688 30 $515 12.7% 24 $247 -12.0% $276

San Clemnte 92672 21 $676 7.1% 17 $393 -0.5% $391

San Clemnte 92673 33 $710 -5.3% 11 $425 6.3% $301

San Juan C 92675 22 $650 59.3% 23 $146 1.9% $285

Santa Ana 92701 8 $280 40.4% 24 $120 26.3% $231

Santa Ana 92703 24 $310 24.0% 7 $145 32.4% $231

Santa Ana 92704 39 $317 5.7% 23 $138 10.8% $256

Santa Ana 92705 28 $665 31.6% 14 $116 31.8% $306

Santa Ana 92706 24 $387 11.4% 1 $85 -29.2% $260

Santa Ana 92707 28 $280 12.0% 21 $150 14.5% $244

Seal Beach 90740 7 $750 6.6% 2 $285 n/a $447

Silverado 92676 5 $137 -62.8% n/a n/a n/a $308

Stanton 90680 10 $350 32.1% 10 $218 -0.9% $257

Sunset Bch 90742 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Surfside 90743 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Trabuco Cyn 92678 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Trabuco Cyn 92679 40 $695 -2.8% 12 $267 -23.1% $285

Tustin 92780 22 $506 2.8% 22 $192 3.8% $294

Tustin 92782 15 $821 6.6% 23 $375 -4.5% $280

Villa Park 92861 2 $1,100 n/a n/a n/a n/a $337

Westminster 92683 43 $440 9.2% 3 $265 n/a $282

Yorba Linda 92886 34 $627 0.3% 2 $266 -3.3% $304

Yorba Linda 92887 11 $619 -5.2% 8 $228 -13.2% $269



How much human hair will it take to absorb all the oil BP is going to put in the gulf?
Even if we all shave our heads and shove it in nylons will it be enough to absorb?
Where is there a toxic waste dump near or large enough to hold in a concrete pool where
the rotting oil, toxic Corexit, oil, and decomposing life large enough?

Chelsea's LAW Bill 1844 Please Support

Chelsea’s Law goes to next step, appropriations committee

"Chelsea's Law" Bill 1844 is in ASB committee.

I encourage you to please review that this is approved in the next stage to becoming a law.

I live on the border of Laguna Niguel and Laguna Beach. When I look at the Megan's law website maintained by the state of California I see 12 persons registered in Laguna Niguel and 16 in Laguna Beach. (one is missing i.e: no photograph and no known address since 1989)

The serious error is this: the City of Laguna Beach police department is monitoring 33 registrants, a few of whom are homeless, and three are off the radar. While the City of Laguna Niguel does not have it's own police department the Orange County Sheriff is monitoring 19 persons for Laguna Niguel. In my own neighborhood two registrants appear to be living too close to an elementary school.

The system we have is not very accurate. Human beings can move about you can see that today there must be tighter control of the location of these dangerous predators. They gave up their right to go to a public park or show up at an elementary school when they did the crime.

Felipe Fuentes - Chair Dem-39 (916) 319-2039

Connie Conway - Vice Chair Rep-34 (916) 319-2034

Tom Ammiano Dem-13 (916) 319-2013

Steven Bradfordd Dem-51 (916) 319-2051

Charles M. Calderon Dem-58 (916) 319-2058

Joe Coto Dem-23 (916) 319-2023

Mike Davis Dem-48 (916) 319-2048

Kevin de Leon Dem-45 (916) 319-2045

Isadore Hall III Dem-52 (916) 319-2052

Diane L. Harkey Rep-73 916) 319-2073

Jeff Miller Rep-71 (916) 319-2071

Jim Nielsen Rep-2 (916) 319-2002

Chris Norby Rep-72 (916) 319-2072

Nancy Skinner Dem-14 (916) 319-2014

Jose Solorio Dem-69 (916) 319-2069

Tom Torlakson Dem-11 (916) 319-2011

Alberto Torrico Dem-20 (916) 319-2020

Bill 1844 proposes:

Life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for forcible sex crimes against children under 18 when aggravating circumstances exist. The type of aggravating circumstances that would require the harshest sentence depends on the age of the victim. Some aggravating circumstances include physical harm, kidnapping, torture and use of a weapon.

• Where no aggravating circumstances exist, penalties would double for certain sex crimes, depending on the age of the victim. For example, the new prison sentence would range from 6 to 16 years for forcible sex crimes against children under 14.

• Registered sex offenders would be subject to misdemeanor charges and possible parole revocation if found in a park where children regularly gather — unless prior permission had been granted by the park administrator or parole agent.

• Parole terms would be doubled to 10 years for a forcible sex crime, regardless of the age of the victim.

• Those convicted of a sex crime against a child under 14 would be on lifetime parole, requiring constant supervision and a global positioning system tracker.

Please sign the petition for additional signatures to show your support


Fix Your FICO free

A high FICO score can secure a good loan, a great job, or standard rate insurance. The Privacy Act is supposed to help us keep our information quiet, but your score is available to many more than you know. Did you know mailing lists may be compiled by your score?

FICO score is a computer analysis of the following items: Payment history 35%, Amounts owed 30%, Length Time of Credit History 15%, Types of Credit in Use 10%, and New Credit 10%. Lowest number score is 300 and highest is 850. You don’t need to know who invented the computer model or who owns Fair Isaac (call me if you do). There also are Vantage Score, Trans Risk, and Score X, (branded models not yet used much by Lenders).

To improve your score get a full merged report with all three reports,” Credit Cops": Equifax, Experian and Trans Union. Each of these companies may report your information differently, and therefore you will have three scores. You are entitled to free credit report once a year from: however you are not entitled to Free scores. Do not go to Free credit or any scam company that loops you into billing monthly and fails to release the monthly credit card bill. Trans Union, Equifax and Experiam offer websites direct as well. They do not advertise on television, they do not need to.

Review trade items on each report. Derogatory items are at the top of the report. The name of creditor and account number (often shy four digits for security) show for each. Below the account name is available line and payment history. The history also may show as a time line calendar below in reverse order as line ticks.

If anything is incorrect, you begin your letter writing campaign. Write; do not call, to each individual creditor. In the letter include: Your name, home address, the account number, today's date, the reason why you dispute what shows and sign the letter. Be simple for example: Dear Bank of America: I never was late on 4/2009 here's a copy of my cancelled check...The letter does not have to be perfect- it has to be done and in the mail. Do not include your telephone number you want a written response.

Make a folder with a time line on the front. Day one sent letter asked for response in ten days. If they fail to answer in thirty days you are going to write and mail follow up letters. Include in the letter that you wrote them asking to correct the inaccurate item on x date and they failed to respond in thirty days. Also include that they are required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act to investigate and they failed to do so. You may also state you intend to file a complaint with the FTC. You want them to send you a letter deleting the item and to correct the information they report to all credit companies. Once you have the letter deleting the item forward to Equifax PO BOX 740241 Atlanta GA 30374-1111, EXPERIAN PO BOX 2104 Allen TX 75013, TRANS UNION PO BOX 390 Springfield PA 19064.

Tips on raising your score:

Pay everyone on time. Get delinquent accounts current now first and pay the minimum on the remaining accounts. Keep revolving balances 68.9% below the available line. Do not use Finance Companies. Do not open accounts with furniture/ mattress/computer stores that promise 90 days no payment as is sold to a finance company. These types of accounts lower your score. If you have finance accounts pay it off.

Do not allow car dealers to shop a loan for you and add needless inquiries to your score. Don’t sit there and hand them your driver’s license, bring a copy of the license and say I am not required to give you m social security number to test drive a car. Do not close accounts - just pay them off. Do not use disreputable Consumer Credit Counseling companies- they often allow late payments to roll and interest and balances to grow. Do not fall prey to anyone who claims you can buy a new social security number. Do not pay huge fees to credit repair companies who won't work as hard as you can on your own letter writing campaign. Anything that sounds too good to be true like “we can erase $10000 of your credit card debt with the new Obama bill” is too good to be true. Negotiate with all collection companies to delete the disputed item in exchange for paying part or all of it.

Opt out of all junk mailing lists. Be ever so careful entering your private information on any website. Do not use matching passwords with easy to guess tags. The internet is a wonderful place but not everyone on there is who they say they are.

Opt-out request list via phone or email:
Opt-Out Prescreen will allow you to opt out of receiving credit card and insurance offers. Call 1-888-567-8688 (888-5-OPT-OUT) from your home telephone, or visit their website at
Abacus Direct: Email your removal request to
ADVO, Inc.: Call 1-888-241-6760 or go here
Acxiom U.S: To request an opt-out form, call 1-877-774-2094 or go here:
Direct Marketing Association: Visit (online registration is free, while it costs $1 by mail)
Publishers Clearinghouse: Email request to
Val-Pak: Visit

All credit is healed with time. No one can do it better than yourself.

Copyright © 2010 Caroline Gerardo All rights reserved.


Goldman Employees Donate Houses in the Hamptons
Cyrus Sanati writes today about the Senate considering Jail time for Goldman Sachs employees.

In watching the Senate hearings, I believe Senators did not ask the right questions.They failed to deeply understand the nature of the business. Banking/finance/and secondary has anachronisms that perhaps hide from general public language to abbreviate models. I should have mailed some cue cards to Arlen Specter.

If a law is passed that a broker dealer has to disclose all trading positions (short or long) would it stop an investor from touching what they believe is gold? Maybe not.

If the accounting is rigged or there is fraud, then yes punishment is in order.
Does jail time deter anyone? Violent crimes occur in death penalty states.

These high achieving personalities are about success measured in dollars. Huge financial penalties might be a bigger deterrent. Make the fines usurious, bankruptcy remote and put them on the chain gang?
I'm not Mike Whitney and I love Prada shoes, so I hope the reform is orderly.

BP what about the men that Died?

Tony nice press release but a few things already don't add up. Oil business is dangerous work. Little has been mentioned about the men who perished on the rig. Little has been released about why the line has so
many deferred maintenance cracks and holes. Some of your command center decisions lack leadership.

I don't know it you have children, but allow me to share a story. When mine were younger we used an imaginary person to blame when things went missing, or tops of flowers were batted off with a lacrosse stick .I would put the guilt on "Alfredo Sauce". I blamed a naughty "Alfredo" for eating all the oatmeal cookies again, and they would laugh. "Alfredo" has been a running joke of not owning up, of failing to fully raise your hand and say "Forgive me, I will fix it."

My children like that white cream cheese sauce, but it's really not good for anyone.  In my mind it's indirectly linked today to the oil slick - the deadly murk of poison cholesterol coming to our Gulf shores.

Fifteen men died on the Texas rig, I know that's in the past but this time do us a favor, accept the big mistake. Tony Hayward are at the helm of the ship, you are a scientist, you measured the risks verses the profits and failed to investigate before leasing an unsafe situation.

“What I learned was

that we’d become far

too introspective at the

top. In particular, we

weren’t listening to the

operating people on

safety and reliability" 
Tony Hayward 2008 

“People who work for BP care deeply about the company; they have green and yellow blood in their veins,” ... “and I think that’s because this is a company that tries to do the right thing.” Tony Hayward

Please don't rely on America to foot the bill for your error we don't want to nickname you Alfredo Sauce.
Get the British fleet over here and get on it man. Say something inspiring to rally volunteers on the Gulf shores, there must be some better solutions than spraying chemicals on the surface of choppy surf and booms like paper boats. Don't we have some science to cap the source?


Thanks BP

Chemical dispersants sprayed on the surface by helicopter are supposed to break the oil 5000 feet down? That makes as much sense as using a can of spray paint to stop a hurricane.
US Coast Guard Petty Officer B. B.confirms they are using Corexit manufactured by Nalco. They are also testing another chemical (unknown name)
Corexit is dispersed by sprayer in100% solution. It is like a heavy detergent that changes the oil to heavier droplets, which will fall to the bottom of the sea floor.
It also counters or breaks up the mousse like oil foam at the shore. Chemicals like this were used in the Exxon Valdez spill. Active ingredient butoxethanol is used as a solvent in oil paint. It can cause headaches, vomiting and reproductive problems at high doses.

So to summarize my view of BP’s plan:
Add toxic chemicals to make the oil sink and be out of minds of America.

So when the oil and poisons sink to the bottom, everything on the bottom carries poison.
Good thing I can't eat shellfish, but what about the rest of the food chain?