Cherries Make it All Better

Last night my son, 13 lost his LNLL TOC Championship Majors game. Earlier in the day he learned after running an all out - up until one A.M. - poster making and marketing campaign for ASB that he lost (came in second). In the morning we learned that SOC Patriots don’t have enough boys signed up for football this season which he loved (parents can’t meet cost reasons) but he’s fine with playing Lacrosse instead. 

   On the way home in the car at ten P.M. we thought we might go to Yogurt Land to drown his sorrows, however they were closed. He didn’t opt to stop anywhere else, it’s Orange County and restaurants close early. He did not complain. I felt like a pity cry. No, I bucked up because that might make it worse.

   When we got home this bowl of cherries was on the counter and we relaxed on the sofa together as I rubbed his feet and he picked out the perfectly deep chocolate rouge ones until his teeth were stained. He smiled with those straight teeth and said, “Mom it’s funny how cherries can make a day just fine.”

  Attitude brings us up early today. It might be foggy wet and I can’t see the ocean because of the blanket over the sky but life’s a bowl of cherries. I am a lucky woman. I am having coffee at six A.M. in the most beautiful place in the world. So get out there my friends and think and organize and work your tails off- it’s cherry season.

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