Travel Overnight bag and laptop bag all less than 9 pounds

I have been travelling a great deal in the past three weeks. More than ten years ago I travelled frequently for work and I had forgotten what is necessary to pack and how to avoid a stiff neck from carrying unnecessary weight. I have compiled a checklist of items that you must put in your carry on bag:

First strategy is to pack items that need little or no ironing and are all in the same color palette as to coordinate. Here is my road warrior summer list: two knit jersey BGBG dresses, jeans skirt, two knit undershirts, short sleeved button down shirt, long windbreaker, two colored scarves, underwear and makeup small items, running shoes, nike shorts and two pairs cotton socks

Here is the essential item list: toothbrush, sunglasses, one pair high heel pumps, two band aids for the pumps, laptop and charger, purse that you can smash into the carryon bag, wallet and ID, rake comb, phone and phone chargers.

Anything else leave at home.

If you are going somewhere there are Grizzly Bears- buy some wasp spray to substitute when you arrive.

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