One KING City Manager Could be paid to Do the Job of Twenty

City Managers who oversee public works and projects in Orange County are overpaid recent reports reveal. When Orange County was incorporated we were many small areas with undeveloped farm land surrounding. Since vital services such as Sherriff, and Fire Departments overlap cities and have to cooperate with seperate Departments in Cities such as Laguna Beach and Newport Beach there is much duplication.

I have complained to Laguna Niguel City leaders about the foolish spending on building yet another Taj Mahal in our county. Having brick and mortar monuments does not provide better living for a community. Many of our local cities, just like our schools need to consolidate and be more cost effective.

A recent report revealed how much City Managers are paid and residents are shocked. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Here's a brief list of a few City Manager's payroll-

Bruce Channing of Laguna Hills  $460,809.00   ( Laguna Hills is a small city which has no raw land remaining for planning or buildout)

David M. Morgan from Anaheim is paid $317,923.00

David N. Ream from Santa Ana  $327,074.00

The lowest paid is Villa Park's Manager who works part time at 32 hours $ 170,000.00

Does it make you think you are in the wrong job and need to run for election?

Consolidate all the small City Populations and make one king manager, at a salary range of $ 275000- $300,000.00  Don't forget these people get cushy pensions based on the salaries for life.

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