You don't need 3D Glasses, just look at what's around you

I was in Minnesota last week. After hours I captured a picture of the lightning storm from my seventh story window over the flat land near St Paul. The next morning after no sleep for two nights I was excited, energized and ready to share the greatness I had seen. Every local to whom I expressed my bubbling enthusiasm about the beauty of the storm seem unimpressed by the noise of the thunder that was unimportant. I never see the flashing show of a storm at home, it's always too foggy even though we might hear the thunder I was thrilled to see God's fireworks. It made me think that our perspectives created our seperate response. If only we could all see the wonder right around us, the secret to happiness would be in appreciating the good right under our toes. This morning I drank my Major Dickenson's Blend Peet's coffee and really tasted the roasty flavor that I love. Then I cut some Rosa Bonheur roses from my side yard and put them in my sleeping teenagers rooms. I am a lucky woman to be alive in this time at this moment and I thank God for a world which is always full of wonder.

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