Final edited draft completed. George Leonard - I spiked it on the kitchen table.

I decided to go with Amazon's start up Creat Space, although I have two offers
from what I call brick and mortar paper publishers. One ( starts with a P) estimates
time to printed book in hand to be ten months.

I hold a strong belief the book is suspenseful, timely, and clean writing.

I let go of all my passive past sentence structure and changed from first person
to what I might call an over the shoulder viewpoint. Edits took ten months.

Note to any writers: Think about the point of view in the first Chapter not after
you have written the last line. Point of view was a stickler for two agents and
I took the advice, which was not easy on the ear, and slowly plowed through the
changes. My final writing style in the piece is less Southern Gothic and more
Hemingway than I ever planned. The style fits the theme.

"Toxic Assets" is done.

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