White Bathroom Remodel

Low cost Bathroom remodels in Orange County California. These clean white looks don't require you to take out a new mortgage to finance. Plan carefully, recycle found objects and keep it simple.
All four of these bathrooms are light and bright. They use combinations of Carrera marble, white prefabricated vanities and pale blue and grey accents. Glass shelf is recycled from other use with new hardware.

This bathroom has a dash of fun with the pink boa as an accent

 A Mirror found at a garage sale painted with white lacquer accents and softens this powder room
The smaller toile tank is accented with succulent plants and a pretty mirror. Oops there's a self portrait with my iphone.
All these remodels were completed for cost less than $10000. Keep the countertop clutter down and store your toothbrush and beauty products in the drawers.
I took a pillow from my linens that is this heavenly calming blue grey and Home Depot scanned it to make paint color for me. Painting is important, I suggest you have small quantities made and roll them on the wall and live with the  color choices a couple days. Examine them at different times of day, and choose when you are totally happy.

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