Laguna Garden Charm

I'm posting eye candy. Garden ideas from my yard, and neighbors. Come over it is summer. I'll make you homemade lemonade with mint sprigs. I have six varieties of heirloom tomatoes going wild. I even have okra and peppers in my front yard.
Mortgage rates are up a tick but everything in Orange County seems to be rosy.
Tourism is up 31% in Laguna Beach.
I am certain it might be more. I haven't seen traffic backed up this far in ten years. On my drive home from my W J Bradley Mortgage Capital LLs office in Newport Beach the traffic stops at Crystal Cove to enter north Laguna Beach. I'm not complaining. I can sit in my car and watch pilot whales pass me.
When I get home in an hour I look forward to the unusually cool weather in the mid sixty degrees in the evening. Last night my daughter and I went to Laguna Beach Art Walk and the streets were jammed and lively.

I love Dutch Doors-- this hand painted screen is amazing and wonderful

Picket fence with roses
Herbs, roses, old heritage annuals all from seed

Come sit and enjoy the music of hummingbirds

old fashioned door bell-better yet pick some weeds and the dogs will let me know you are here

outdoor art

California native begonias

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