Big Sur

Spring arrives in California.
Some photographs of road trip with my
daughter. At  Big Sur Inn the wisteria is in full bloom.
Northern California Real Estate markets have heated up.
Oakland, San Jose, and San Francisco are seller's markets.
Racing behind are San Mateo, Newport Beach and Laguna Beach.
Today the bond market saw a rally, it's a good day to lock down
your mortgage loan.
Meanwhile- the 50-day moving average crosses throuth
the 200-day moving average,
suggesting a loss of momentum in the market.
Also known as a death cross to bond traders.
Enjoy the photographs and the ride.

Wisteria at the entrance

Pretty blue and white dishes

A bird house in the woods

 A bird house? A house for cats? LOL
Birdhouses I bought on sale ( a dollar each at Target)
I wonder if my morning doves will like them.

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