You've Been Hacked?

I'm posting lovely photographs I took of a neighbor's garden this
morning to accompany an ugly subject.

A debit card hacked again.
I swear I will not pump gas, even inside the store
using a credit card or debit card.
I only transfer $200 to my debit account so
they could not steal large amounts of money again.
Why wont Shell and Chevron stop these mafia
Because they don't feel responsible. They will show you
how they put foil tapes over the scanner computer at the
pump to stop theives from putting duplicating chips on
the slide bar. They could check for cameras that theives
use to monitor as customers enter passwords. They don't

Rental scams are on the rise. All realtors and real estate
agents should put in every single listing photograph their
name, telephone number and license number. Stop the scamsters
who post those photographs on Craigslist, Trulia and
Zillow claiming to be the owner. Some guy in West Africa
won't use your home and ask for funds to be wire transferred
to their account because you will notice the contact name in
the photograph. Easily completed by running your photos through
GIMP a free software.

Had your email hacked? That's a hassle. What do they get out
of reading my Mom's joke emails?  My Mom's 82 leave her

Change your passwords,
and don't make them all the same. Your paypal and bank account
passwords need security, you can use dummy1111 for all those
junk websites that ask you to sign up just to read their story.
End of rant. Go look at the pretty gardens and relax.
Then go change your passwords and pay for gas with cash.
If you have been a victim of identity theft I have some free strategies
to prevent it, and what to do in the aftermath.

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