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I own a home in an Orange County Neighborhood that is expensive. It isn't spelled out in our CCR's that a rummage sale is not allowed. However, yard sales and garage sales are frowned upon. This is a quick and easy method to have a sale that cleans out clutter in your home, recycles things that are usable and makes a little cash. You will be cleaned up before anyone complains.
Step ONE 
Three Days before the Sale make eight direction signs. I had a couple old political signs. I used the armature and added card board and paper left over from my children's school art homework projects. The signs only need provide direction from the main road to your home. Don't spend money to do this, improvise and recycle.
Call Saint Vincent De Paul for the pickup of what is left over on Monday. The best day for yard sales are a Saturday after the 1st or 15th when people receive a paycheck
Step Two two days before:
Ask your children to remove twenty articles of clothing that don't fit or they haven't worn in two years. Put together old books, toys, appliances, furniture, things you haven't repaired but were thinking about doing but a year went by. All the "stuff "should be loaded into the garage. You can color code price tags or just use colored painter's tape. Think pricing of fifty cents up to ten dollars. The average item being one dollar. You need card tables, some ladders, hangers, and about sixty dollars in one dollar bills for change.

The Friday the day before:
1.Post a Craig's list Ad enter photographs of any large items you want to sell. Add that you will not be taking early birds. Supply a phone number where they may contact you. You do not hold anything. All things are sold for cash only. 
2. Check that you have coffee and some paper cups ( you can sell coffee or give it away) Frankly you can sell anything. I had great success selling potted basil plants
3. The night before remind you helper that they have to get up an hour before the sale. Typically your sale will be from 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM (don't go all day - the most sales happen early)

The morning of the sale at 6:30 turn the coffee on. Run and put signs up, pull the tables out on the driveway, put anything such as a ladder with broom handle or hanging area for clothing. If people can see the items, they will buy. Don't just put a box of clothing out. Try to make the items look desirable. Put big items to block your garage doors. You can block the garage with a simple rope or colored tape.
 DO Not allow anyone into your garage or home. Wear clothing with pockets for money. Do not carry a purse. Lock the entry door to your home

Smile, answer questions, greet the people as they walk up. 
No you are not holding anything. 
No you don't take checks.

Things that sell: toys, children's clothing that looks clean, gadgets, tools, crafts, appliances, seasonal decorations, sporting goods, stuff you hoarded...
This is a thrifty way to clean out closets and de-clutter. It can bring in some cash. This makes room for your home to be new and fresh. It is also a good way to prepare to sell your home.
Total time invested : five hours

Think of it as money making recycling.

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