Organic Milk Shortage

organic baby cow

Cattle ranch next to my place Caroline Gerardo September 2012

                                                                  Have you noticed in the grocery store the shortage of organic milk?
Whole Foods, Albertson's and Trader Joe's in Orange County California have signs up that they have shortages of organic milk, and sometimes organic cheese. When I ask the checkers why - they didn't have an explanation. I did, however, research and it is about the demand. Americans, especially in Orange County and areas with higher income are choosing organic over added hormones, added pesticides and cheaper milk.

Perhaps we ought to buy stock in organic food production? Just saying.

I only buy organic produce, most comes from my local Farmer's Market. Produce that is local and organic at the La Paz farmer's market is often less expensive than fruit and vegetables sprayed with chemicals. I don't drink a great deal of milk, but my teenage son does and I want him to be healthy.

If I posted photographs of muddy gross milk cow farms that are mass production, you would have turned away. The photo above is a baby Brown Swiss cow and below is a working ranch in Wyoming.

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