House Before Photos

Thanks Moulton Niguel Water makes our PSI almost 180
my pressure regulator blew AGAIN- 3rd time in two years.
Causing pin hole leaks and the whole downstairs flooded on Christmas
My journey of getting back to normal has not been fun
Insurance covered about 30% of the damage, claiming they
depreciated everything- dry wall, molding, carpet, tile, cabinets
all which were in excellent condition.
Most water restoration companies are a scam in their own.
I opted to rent wet vacuum equipment, fans, and have myself and
children tear out the carpet flooring.
It didn't save me anything on the claim - go figure, after months of labor.

However I learned a great deal about flooring and installing
new wood. In the end (I'm not totally done putting back my beautiful
nest) it looks beautiful.
1120 feet of hardwood six in plank that is flat, recycled barn siding now
feels like a million bucks.
Here are some before pictures

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