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VA mortgage loan tips and topics:

·         A veteran’s basic VA entitlement is 36,000.  This will provide sufficient entitlement to cover a loan amount of $144,000.  This is found on their Certificate of Eligibility issued by the VA.  Only if our subject’s loan amount exceeds $144,000 does the bonus entitlement kick in. 
·         Entitlement can be even lower than 36,000 if the veteran has already used entitlement for another VA loan and has not yet disposed of that property, or if the veteran previously defaulted on a VA loan.  The Certificate of Eligibility will show you how much entitlement is currently available.  The veteran must have a combination of downpayment and available entitlement to cover at least 25% of the loan amount. Please read the program guidelines carefully and use one of our eligibility worksheets for exact loan amount calculations.
·         The Certificate of Eligibility with an Active Duty Service Member condition – the veteran MUST still be on active duty or he/she loses all eligibility for VA loan financing.  If your veteran’s Close of Escrow has this condition and the veteran is no longer an active duty service person you MUST obtain a Certificate of Eligibility without this condition.  

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