Drive Freshman Back to University California

I drove my youngest back to University of California Saturday morning.
Today I worked in the garden finishing rose Christmas pruning, cleaning the
pool filter and the end of scraping the flowery wallpaper down.
Traffic was awful on the Interstate 5 north.
We started counting the cars with U C Berkeley license plate frames or
any suspicious vehicle piled high with Santa bags, college sweatshirts, bedding
and two to three students also wading through the bumper to bumper wait to
return to their dorms. U C system break is over. The cafeteria is open. Classes
resume Monday.

Fortunately for my son he got into the advanced Physics Class. He emailed 
the professor numerous times over the past two weeks- pleading for a seat.
Is our communal experience of driving or flying our Freshman student back to
the away from home destination all shared joy and a bit wistful?

I wish you happiness in 2016.
Write out your goals for everything-
spiritual, financial, education, family, health and joy.

Gum wall above from our College Tour trip to Seattle.
Was the offer of full scholarship there a better placement?
Only heaven knows ~
In the end my son chose for his own plans and dreams.

How did you deal with your empty nest?

I got the wunderlust and decided not to stay overnight.
Seventeen hours driving, this evening my legs are not land worthy.
Stick with your plans my friends

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