Organic Soil Orange County, California

I moved from Laguna Niguel Homeowner Association home to a ranch outside of San Juan Capistrano.  After nearly twelve years my garden was all organic. I'm starting over.

In order to develop soil that sustains low water organic gardening in rocky clay
that has never been cultivated I searched for local companies that provide compost,
or organic soil, or methods to speed up my garden plans.

I contacted a couple companies:

Sierra Soil once was just across Ortega Highway. I emailed and called with no response.
Website stated they require payment before delivery.  Daughter and I drove out to
the location listed on their website as next to CR'R's staging plant. We followed
the wooden signs and could not find the location. I later heard back from them that
they no longer operate at that location.
I heard from other suppliers that Sierra Soil uses horse manure as the component of their compost. Horses do eat green matter but I was thinking that even a cow with multiple stomachs might process the impurities better than horses. From my reading smaller animals- goats and chickens might supply manure that breaks down faster, is healthier for human vegetable use.
Other suppliers I contacted: Serrano Creek Soils. They have a gorgeous website but prices were double the others. I figure I can add my worms and personally added vegetable and leaf clippings to the compost area. In a year I will have plenty of organic material to mulch, amend the soil and grow beautiful flowers and vegetables.

I picked McAllister because Dave answers the telephone.
He is knowledgeable and kind. 
He has been in this business nearly thirty years.

Interesting Facts:

Photograph of Dave with his gorgeous truck. He says the State of California is forcing
him to retire this historic truck because of emissions - much like the neighbors of
the new High School in San Juan drove him out of his location. It saddens me that a
small business has to struggle this way.

I highly recommend Dave. He delivered without advance payment, exactly to my remote 

Dave McAllister Topsoil, 
Potting Soil, gardening, orange county, California, 

31748 La Pata Ave, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

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