Identity Theft Protection Red Flags

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Anyone who has been  victim of Identity Theft knows it is a hassle. 

There are steps a bank or lender are required to keep you safe; but

you must also be diligent.

Change your passwords on any money account or any that hold a credit card

Review your statements

Give your bank or credit card company your cell phone and email that you open

Opt for two stage authorization

Delete credit cards from old accounts that are dormant

When you receive an inbound email look at the email address of the sender.

If you don't recognize the sender, DO NOT click on any links.

Facebook, Apple, Google do not need your real date of birth or address.

Lenders, banks, mortgage companies those who collect payments and more must follow

new Red Flags laws to protect your information. Here are some handy questions

and answers about identity theft red flags


Which could be a red flag?

A. Document that looks altered or forged

B. Person on ID does not look like person present


C. Both A and B

D. Neither A, nor B




A compliant Red Flags Program will have policies and procedures to identify, detect, and ______ Red Flags

A. Respond

B. Investigate

C. Remove

D. Prevent




Banks are required to exercise effective oversight of service providers for Red Flag Rule compliance.


A. Always

B. True, only if they are conducting activities covered by the Rule

C. Never

D. True, only if they have subscribed to implement the same policy as the bank.




Which of the following is not required in a Red Flags Rule program?

A. Detail on how the program will keep current with new threats

B. Appropriate actions it will take when it detects red flags

C. A manner in which to detect red flags


D. A list of penalties for those accused of identity theft




The four steps that are required as part of the Red Flags Rule are?

A. Identify, Detect, Respond, Update

B. Find, Investigate, Suspend, Remove

C. Inquire, Evaluate, Act, Remove

D. Find, Evaluate, Respond, Remove




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