John Everett

The Comet 
This stormy image of the sea is full of wonder.

John Everett (Herbert Barnard) born 1876

Came from wealth and chose a nomadic life at sea. 
His paintings are recognized now long after his death in 1946.
Not enough bits of his life to make the puzzle fit together.

Married Katherine Everett and had two children that he didn't raise.
She became a landscape garden designer- how I wish there were images
of her work. All we have is her novel, Bricks and Flowers.

Painting of the gardens from the manor where Katherine lived (artist not sure from notebook owned by Lady Ardilaun)

Ruins At Sandsfoot Castle

Did he change his name to John because he didn't want to be Herb like his father or to emulate Millias???

And now what you came here to read the exciting ECOA rules.
Sometimes writing about mortgage is not beautiful.
Regarding Fair Access to home loans:

Credit must be made equally available to all creditworthy customers who may be eligible or qualified for them, in compliance with all fair housing, ECOA and applicable lending law. The statute makes it unlawful for any creditor to discriminate against any applicant with respect to any aspect of a credit transaction 
(1) on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex or marital status, or age 

(2) because all or part of the applicant’s income derives from any public assistance program (including, without limitation, Social Security income and income derived from Housing Choice Vouchers); and

(3) the applicant’s good faith exercise of any right under the Consumer Credit Protection Act, disability, and familial status.”

 *It shall not be an unlawful discriminatory practice to consider age in determining credit worthiness when age has a demonstrable and statistically sound relationship to a determination 


Mortgage Rates

pink flowers in wall vases

pink and purple sweet peas

Mortgage rates remain the same as yesterday, though the demand decreased.

Home loans at two or three are just an amazing deal in 2021.  Spring season is seeing some rising. Values of homes keep going up. It is difficult to purchase a home when ten other people make over priced offers. 

I have some strategies to get your offer accepted. Let's talk about it.

Today's market opened sessions with treasuries lower across all maturities. The Ten Year yield is at 1.7119, 0.90 basis points higher than prior closing of 1.7029.
US stocks rise as traders focus on technology shares before President Biden reveals his stimulus plan which includes a $2.25 trillion boost to infrastructure
Today's Coupons
 10-Year Notes 94-21 (-01.5) 
 FN 2.5% Coupon 102-22 (+02.5) 
 Support 1.257% 
 Resistance 0.793%




Necesidad de Hipoteca:

Declaraciones de impuestos Formularios del IRS todas las páginas 2019 2020

Formularios W-2 y 1099 para 2019 y 2020

Talones de cheque de pago de los últimos treinta días

Extractos bancarios todas las páginas de los últimos dos meses

Identificación con foto

Carta de concesión de pensión / indemnización laboral / seguridad social

Factura hipotecaria

Factura de seguro contra incendios solo la factura con número de póliza




Tax returns IRS forms all pages 2019 2020

W-2 forms and 1099 for 2019 and 2020

Paycheck stubs past thirty days

Bank statements all pages past two months

Photo Identification

Award letter for pension/ workman’s compensation/ social security

Mortgage bill

Fire insurance bill just the bill with policy number

Antique California flowers that grow easy in your home garden from seed: poppy, nasturtium, succulents, and sunflowers. You are my sunshine. Let's make getting your next home mortgage full of love





Smokey Mountains

Smokey Mountains Trip

 Our trip to see the synchronized fireflies

We stayed in a fabulous AirBnB hosted by Syresa and Lonnie in a turn of the century house that was once a farm in Sevierville. The Mary Seaton room was charming and cozy. 

We had a reservation to get into the park and a campsite to park and wait for the fireworks show. Our plan was: park our Enterprise rental car in the space,  set up our cameras on tripods in the woods, wait for the witching hours, and return happy with photos and videos of the lightening bugs dancing in unison. I contacted Go Pro ten months in advance about purchasing their latest equipment to be able to record in low light or darkness. I spoke with Nick Woodman and he assured me this would be successful, I even practiced on the ranch in moonlight. Unfortunately the videos are black darkness...

I can tell you about the fun of finding the old cemetery at night. We found two and this was loads of fun for myself and my daughter. One is in the old ghost town in Elkmont and the other is near where we parked at the campsite. Scary.

Here are some other short videos. We saw Elk, Bears, butterflies, a fox, and lots of mosquitoes but all was a blast

Elk strolling out of the woods to the nice mowed grass

Here comes the Mommies and baby elk calfs

One of the B and B's where we stayed