Seaside Bedroom Design

White washed walls, mirrors, graphic red white
and blue accents make these bedrooms
fun cheerful and cozy


The palette remains white subdued and everything looks fresh.
This Laguna Beach Cottage has charm and joy

Above bedroom uses old paint by numbers cardboard paintings -
replicas of American and British Masters create bold images grouped together

Light wide plank wooden floors, with sisel rope rug, and white linens


Dana Hills LAcrosse Game Tonight vs Mission Viejo!

 Coming off the huge win against San Juan Hills High School
Dana Hills High School Boys Lacrosse Meets Mission Viejo
tonight March 30th at 5:30 PM at the Dana Field
Come out to watch an exciting fast paced game
I will be at the stats table and will buy you a cup of hot chocolate
if you show up. The Dana field looks over the ocean, and we get
an evening breeze. J V game to follow at 7:30 PM

Jersey number four Logan Nash and number eleven Matt Schultz in action


11 Tudor Ladera

11 Tudor Ladera Ranch home for sale
Martha Stewart could live here
This perfectly maintained house
for $899000
With 80 10 + 10 financing you
only need $99000 to close
Payments as follows:
1st TD APR 4.199    monthly principle and interest $ 3433.61
2nd TD APR 5.301  monthly principle and interest  $   493.01
Property tax + Mello Roos                                        $  1120.08
Fire hazard                                                                 $    85.00
HOA dues                                                                  $   193.00
Total monthly payments $5325.
terms and conditions apply
this is not a rate commitment 
rates change twice a day this was as of 3/27/2015
Ladera Ranch California