Cheap Succulent Planters

Upcycled Water Spigots
perhaps you call them
sillcocks but these were being
disposed. I added to iron
plant hangers then used a paper towel
with a little grey and white paint
that was in the garage and lumpy,
to match up and age the "Pot"

Soil is 2/3 gravel  1/3 compost (free)
with a few cuttings of succulents.
Put a sprinkle of cinnamon on the callused
cutting which encourages roots
and keeps out rot.

Water once a week

Total cost $3.00 for the plant hangers

They make nice gifts
Old parts become new art


Paint Your Garage Floor

How to Paint Your Garage Floor

Sand the floor and vacuum. Is it smooth as velvet? If no then:

Muriatic acid treatment needed
 (this is dangerous - keep doors open and a fan running, wear full face coverage- keep the hose running to rinse any spill) - in the pool supply area of a hardware store. In an OLD acid proof 5-gallon bucket fill 1/3 up - about 2 gallons water. Add about a cup of the acid into the water not the other way -VERY very slowly add acid into the sitting bucket of water. Mop the floor with a spaghetti mop that you throw away the fabric mop after. Any old mop will do, as you will toss it. Allow drying 
With a new mop head, mop the floor with only clean water. Allow drying. 
Throw away the bucket.

Next day- In an old bucket 1 part ammonia to 16 part water. That's shy of an eight ounce bottle of ammonia ( you can measure with water bottle and throw it away after to one gallon of water.)
I part ammonia to 16 parts water in an old bucket. Mop again. This neutralizes the acid.
All the white powdery material is gone (efflorescence). Now fill the cracks and sand again.

Primer with a roller.
Allow to dry overnight

Epoxy paint needs to dry minimum 2 days – if humid maybe 4 before you walk on it or drive

Masonry Sealer

Buy the best quality Epoxy.
If you like the sprinkles or sparkles or crafty flecks go ahead, they help hide imperfections
Should last 10- 15 years depending on humidity

Tools needed:
Pole sander, borrow one
Lots of 80 grit sandpaper (10 sheets don't open extra pack in case you can return it
Gallon of muriatic acid – when finished, give to neighbor who has a pool don’t dump it
Cup of ammonia
Hose and running water
Old spaghetti mop
Second mop head spaghetti for rinsing and ammonia wash
3 Rollers and – microfiber ones with 5/16 inch spongy thickness
Long paint roller stick
Roll paper towels
Baking soda for emergency to neutralize the acid
Full face covering
Acid protecting gloves
A box fan
BUY the BEST EPOXY you can, yes I said this twice.
Primer and Sealant can be middle grade
Ask the paint guy what he suggests

Open garage door while working, close at night so you don’t get paw prints
Might need a sign or ribbon to keep out your family
This is a 3 day minimum project. The work is very easy. The hard part is being careful to protect your skin and lungs and park your cars on the street 4 days.
Keep the hose running and a bucket of water for rinsing if you get
the acid on skin or something

total cost estimate: $180 depending on paint- 


San Juan Capistrano Parade

The San Juan Capistrano Swallows Day Parade
is the largest parade in California that has no
motor vehicles.
A look at the horses, ponies and donkeys that
celebrate the day the swallows come back for
Saint Joseph's Day at the Mission