Shame on Wells Fargo

Video of old Wells Fargo office

Wells Fargo from Stagecoach to Locked Cell

Why is Wells Fargo paying billions of dollars in fines?

1. Employees paid $50 bonus for opening new checking accounts
Bank tellers, managers, home mortgage guys took customers social
security number, date of birth and address and opened accounts with
nominal $2 to get the bonus, then allowed your mother and grandmother's
account to incur over draft fees and monthly charges, then sold them to
collection accounts. Nice culture of stealing from your clients

2. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage quotes low interest rates that they don't
intend to honor or close on time. Processing takes more than thirty days
for the most cooperative borrowers and the bank blames the customer
that the client didn't answer quickly enough and charges thousands of
dollars in rate lock extension fees that must be paid non-refundable
before they approve the loan. Scam.

3. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage charges $995 in underwriting fees and
$2600 in junk loan fees - about three times the amount all other banks
charge. They also are notorious for disclosing lower upfront costs and
re-issuing the Closing Disclosure for fictitious reasons, of course blamed
upon the client for errors.

4. If you have a Wells Checking account - stop the over draft protection as
this scam will eat every dollar in the account. They are famous for charging college students and the elderly $150 a day in fees.

5. Wells Fargo is not going to give you a modification. Since 2008 they
have lied to homeowners and quietly foreclosed on Borrowers who were
in the process of applying for modification. This department forces
homeowners to send duplicate paperwork in hundreds of time as a way
to wear down the homeowner.

Wells Fargo's corporate culture doesn't want to change.
Fining them what sounds like a large sum of money is
a drop in the bucket to this huge behemoth bank.


Be Careful Wiring Money


STEALING wired accounts
Theft of Escrow Trust Accounts
Bad Guys Trying to Take your Down Payment

The internet is not private.

Be careful wiring money.
It's not insured.

Wire and other disbursement instructions
received by email should be confirmed by
telephone at a known or independently
confirmed number, NOT the telephone number
at the bottom of the email you are trying to
confirm. Lookup the Escrow company and Title
company you are using online AND ask your
lender if they are familiar with the persons. Lenders
have their own internal systems of verifying and
approving escrow and title companies which
includes checking with the Secretary of State,
checking loss claims, and verifying they are who
they say they are.
Be especially skeptical of any change in wiring
instructions from us or any parties involved in
the transaction. How often do people and
businesses change their wire instructions-
rare or never are they going to change the
bank account they use, unless it is hacked.
Specifically, if you receive an email or any other
communication that appears to be generated
from our office, containing new, revised or
altered bank wire instructions,
consider it suspect and call two sources to
verify at a number you trust.
Your email address is not private- if for
Example the email you are using for the
Transaction that you provided to the lender
And escrow company is the same as the
Email on Facebook assume a million people
Have the Facebook email. Don’t mention on
Social; media that you are moving, selling or
Confirm the account to which you are wiring
is in the name of the party entitled to the
funds; encourage buyers and sellers to do the
Be suspicious of emails from free, public
email account domains that pertain to the
movement of money, as these email accounts
are often a source of risk.
DO NOT CLICK ON Links in emails or on
Sites you don’t know extremely well.
Consider what email account domain you
use for any financial business. As stated
above, the free, public email account
domains are a target for cyber-thieves and,
without additional levels of security, are
particularly vulnerable to attack.
Watch out for phishing emails with
embedded links, even when they look like
ones sent from a trusted source.

What is phishing you ask?

People who want to steal ask questions about:
sensitive information 
names of your children
date of birth
credit card details 

Organized crime can access your information.
When you are buying or selling real estate they
know large sums of money are going to be wired.
This makes you a target when wiring your earnest
money, down payment and closing costs

Things to look for: 
Bad grammar ( they use Google Translate)
A website with colors that mimic your Bank of America, Chase or Wells Colors
email address is not from the company name
Rushing you, hurrying you for a deadline
You didn't contact them or login to your account but they say you did


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