“Mine government” plans borrow $1.6 trillion more this year, which equals $16,000 for every household in the country. In a few years it will be $8.5 trillion, or more.

In his State of the Union our President talked about job creation, but where is that money going to come from? He says with tax incentives i.e.: less revenue. We are no where near out of the 2nd Great Depression. Hold on.

The dollar amounts of dough are enormous. We don’t just need a household tightening the budget, we need an actionable plan.

Sorry Bill Gross I sold many of my PIMCO Bond funds. Long Term bonds won’t be a good hedge against the rapid inflation we are destined to see.

And putting your wealth into C.D.’s makes no sense at less than 1%

I sold my California Bond Funds and keep searching hoping to find some higher rated ones which won’t go bankrupt with the State of California.

Our deficits are financed by the Chinese – but those savers are seeing inflation rise.

The Chinese, like the U.S. and the world – because we are all one big Wall Street are all going to raise interest rates.

I’m hanging on to my gold stocks, even though Gold took a dip today. And I see buying opportunity tomorrow. My picks are International, Indian, gold stock and

Apple (it’s international) AAPL DEO GLD IACI IBN IFN SLB

Make the most of your tax shelters. Taxes are only going up. Give as much as you can to your 401(k) or equivalent, your IRAs, 529 college savings plans for the children.

Get a low fixed-rate 30 year mortgage on your home while you can, High Balance Loans may not exist in April 2010. Don’t pay huge fees

Dump your risky stocks on an up day. Today the market showed you just how shaky America and world markets are. Just because a stock dipped cheap compared to what you thought in the past doesn’t mean the business model is good or anyone is going to buy what they make create and do.

Take good care of yourself. Eat far less fat and more colorful variety. Get the ground ready for your spring vegetable garden. It is easier to exercise and eat right than to go to the doctor and try and fix some illness.

Be a good listener. Be kind to your spouse. Getting divorced is the dumbest most costly mistake. I know.

Smile more. Donate things you don’t need. There are many out there who require help. You will reap the benefit of less clutter and confusion, and God will know.