Capistrano School Board please step Down

The Board again played a trick on the teachers by cancelling the 10:00 meeting without notice.
My High school student at Dana Hills was corralled into a classroom by alphabetical order with 65 kids and 30 chairs. The room was so loud she could not study for her AP test. She couldn't even read. No learning  happened today. Students were released at 11:00 AM with no notice to parents

I have not heard from my middle school child as of this hour. The school bus service was uncertain if there would be buses today.

The Board made NO PLAN to educate students today, although they were aware the teachers might strike for weeks. The District’s website spouts tales about how credentialed substitute teachers would be teaching students in schools during the strike.

The District does not want parent help or input. The Board failed to respond to parents who emailed and wrote letters. The District demonstrates a pattern of avoiding public disclosure, holding secret meetings, and wasting taxpayer funds. The Board is playing a media relations fake to make parents and community angry at teachers..
A good General does not cut food rations and shoes for the front line soldiers while sitting in a cushy palace in San Juan Capistrano. The Taj Mahal palace cost $ 44 million dollars and bestows Board members, and District staff 1200 square foot palatial offices. The District has a history of mismanagement, disgrace and waste.

The District figured they could cut twelve million dollars by cutting teacher pay and slashing teacher benefits. It ‘appears’ they might like to fire higher paid teachers to rehire cheaper new ones in the negotiation techniques they have employed...

Half our State budget goes to “education.” Of that money more than 70% is allocated to administrators, brick and mortar, duplication of jobs, public relation firms, lawyers, special deals, and waste. Now the
District and Board have put taxpayers in a position to pay for the lawsuits, the special election and wasted learning hours that are the results of not settling in good faith.

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