Capistrano School Students Strike

My budget cut ideas:

There are 329 Unified Districts, 561 Elementary 88 High School and

76 other. Some are State funded some are local tax based.

These could be consolidated and reduce average district administrative salary $67000 average superintendant. $ 137000 and cut salaries and buildings in half or more. I could cut $ 30 million in two months

For example Let us sell the $ 38 million + dollar Taj Mahal palace that houses less than 250 employees of the Capo District for $2o million. A good leader could assess which employees are the best and Capo moves into Saddleback offices by Fall of next year. This would be state wide and rolling closures.

Special Education needs a big haircut. I know this is unpopular but special interest groups, Mediators, Lawyers and "numbered Plans" have created a monster whereby a student is given sometimes two full time aids to follow them around school and tag team.

If we don't cut we are doomed.

Taking 10% from a teacher's paycheck is not how a financially savvy CEO would slash.

California is going to face junk bond ratings and be bankrupt.

I am not keeping my children home tomorrow. I am going to stand with a sign with Arnold's phone number (916) 445-2841 and will someone please post the phone numbers for the board members- maybe all parents need to call and tell them to put the building up for sale today.

If the Board is so wasteful to hire guards with guns they had better all quit. That is the quickest method to start a riot.

Why has the Board failed to ask parents to come down and stand up peacefully to make certain our children are safe? I will come, I will get my neighbor and my Mother – Capo Board of Trustees you need to take some classes on negotiating before you hire guns.

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  1. Caroline, Very interesting. I totally agree with your strategy of posting Arnold's phone Number and the fact that that a disproportionate amount of money goes to special ed. es, there are special needs-but too much money is going to legal fees, not education.
    Jan H. Colt
    Teacher-Capostrano School District