Dodd as Banking Reformer? Please Sell my Book.

America believed EVERYONE DESERVES to own a home.

Well not everyone is responsible in our country. Political tides pushed to make the products, models and rating systems to allow every GI who came home from Korea have a mortgage.
That was successful for a generation less greedy that worked hard, who believed in keeping their commitments. They only owed $20000. and had a $132.99 monthly payment.

The next “gimme” generation said “What about me? Where is my beautiful house?”

More shouted:.“This is prejudice, I deserve a house too.”

America gave them what they demanded, BUT they added a cost
to the risk. The individual who signed a subprime loan understood their credit is bad
or their house was funky.. They had to pay more because of their own flaws. The individual American was not bamboozled by Wall Street or a hooker hawking loans. That individual took a risk and believed they can flip a house and make a million dollars without any sweat or labor.

Yes, The banks profited from the growth. It got out of hand when a bartender got a job as a wholesale loan broker and took short cuts to make his million.

The secondary marketers could have checked the files, but some MBA and a Math Professor claimed their formula to cut out the person/monkey who worked for the bank with Moody’s ratings and FICO scoring would be manna from heaven.

Simon does not understand the business at the origination point.

A face to face application regulates a bevy of fraud. A real person  made accountable to make the
payment.A human banker would have to go knock on your door when you faced divorce death
or disaster and say: “Sir you need to sell.”

Goldman, Bear Stearns, Fannie, Freddie The Middle Man and The Banks - all made money on the trading as a commodity. They failed to open up a couple files and just check the bundle, check the white pages to see if the Borrower really lives in the house or see the self employed guy really had a business. They could have looked, but they were busy making a million.

Goldman was a genius team a year ago- knowing the bubble had burst they shorted us all.
They weren’t nakxd short, they just did what they always have- sell Americans what they
want, “ my own million without much effort.”

Senator Dodd’s bill fails to understand the center as well. Today Americans are going to

Protest in that southern point of New York. HOWEVER- Wall Street is not just there in New York.

Did we forget that Senator Dodd is in the "friends of Mozillo" club? Or Mr. Tangello as those outside of Countrywide might call him. Countrywide leads the nation in defaults and foreclosures today, how many loans did Dodd get? I remember.

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