BP what about the men that Died?

Tony nice press release but a few things already don't add up. Oil business is dangerous work. Little has been mentioned about the men who perished on the rig. Little has been released about why the line has so
many deferred maintenance cracks and holes. Some of your command center decisions lack leadership.

I don't know it you have children, but allow me to share a story. When mine were younger we used an imaginary person to blame when things went missing, or tops of flowers were batted off with a lacrosse stick .I would put the guilt on "Alfredo Sauce". I blamed a naughty "Alfredo" for eating all the oatmeal cookies again, and they would laugh. "Alfredo" has been a running joke of not owning up, of failing to fully raise your hand and say "Forgive me, I will fix it."

My children like that white cream cheese sauce, but it's really not good for anyone.  In my mind it's indirectly linked today to the oil slick - the deadly murk of poison cholesterol coming to our Gulf shores.

Fifteen men died on the Texas rig, I know that's in the past but this time do us a favor, accept the big mistake. Tony Hayward are at the helm of the ship, you are a scientist, you measured the risks verses the profits and failed to investigate before leasing an unsafe situation.

“What I learned was

that we’d become far

too introspective at the

top. In particular, we

weren’t listening to the

operating people on

safety and reliability" 
Tony Hayward 2008 

“People who work for BP care deeply about the company; they have green and yellow blood in their veins,” ... “and I think that’s because this is a company that tries to do the right thing.” Tony Hayward

Please don't rely on America to foot the bill for your error we don't want to nickname you Alfredo Sauce.
Get the British fleet over here and get on it man. Say something inspiring to rally volunteers on the Gulf shores, there must be some better solutions than spraying chemicals on the surface of choppy surf and booms like paper boats. Don't we have some science to cap the source?

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