Lancaster Community Hospital Kicks a Man who can't move to the Curb

Al Smith is not famous; he is a nice guy who came upon hard times. Al is homeless and went to Lancaster Community Hospital last week when he had weakness in his legs. The hospital performed surgery on Al and they say they removed a cancerous tumor on his spine. Al walked into the hospital and now is a paraplegic. Lancaster Community hospital Director Bob Trautman is unavailable for comment as the hospital plans to kick this man to the curb (who can’t walk, can’t eat, and can’t release his own bowels.)

I know Al because he did some work for me a year ago. Al is a quiet person who would not complain. Hospital personnel told him the have a social worker processing his Medical, but it is not completed for an unknown reason. I asked the hospital receptionist would she treat her dog this way?

No shelter will take him because the amount of care he needs ( he has numerous tubes in and out ) is far beyond their means.

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