Chronic Tacos Yum

34255 Pacific Coast Highway
Dana Point, CA 92629-3809
(949) 481-3726
Owners Daniel A. Biello and Randall L. Wyner

I love Chronic Tacos. The ingredients are fresh. I like to watch them cook right in front of me. Their burritos are so fat you can’t hold them without five napkins. They ought to change the name of the burrito to the football, because it’s just about that size. Most Mexican food can’t be considered healthy but if you pick the right items Chronic offers a menu that is even good on a diet. Just avoid the chimicanga, fried items and chips and you can go home guilt free.

The line moves quickly and you tell them just how you want it and they will even offer free advice on their grilled mahi mahi.I don’t eat beef and pork but my son swears by their carne asada as grilled tender cuts of beef with plenty of flavor. IF you are watching your weight – get a tostada without the shell, go light on rice and beans (not refried) and pile on the veggies (light on the avocado – I believe avocado makes just about everything in the universe right. —you need a little good fats in your diet so just a little guacamole). The pico de gallo (tomatoes, onions, garlic and lime is made in batches during the day

The prices are reasonable. A burrito ranges from $ 4.75- $ 6.79 depending on the meat or fish you choose, just right for your budget.

Their menu says they have 27 locations but the best is in Dana Point, but the Corona Del Mar one is just as friendly. They also have a location in Newport, Huntington Beach, and Two in Mission Viejo and surely somewhere near you. If you are in a splurge mood go crazy and get pork tamale and a beer and sit outside on the casual tables and chat with the locals. They say they are franchising everywhere. I hope they keep a tight reign on franchisees because the secret is consistency.

 There used to be a wine bar next door but it a sign states a pancake place is coming. P. C. H. seems like a funny location for breakfast place to survive

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