Single Mom Student Loans a LIE


Experian has a sub company that promotes a big giant lie. They run these advertisements targeted at single mothers who are the most gullible and needy of our unemployed. Experian has a number of shady business entities which farm your information for profit and sell it to others calling it legitimate marketing. Experian’s marketing is most often begun with a half-truths used to instill fear and charge you money for years to come.

Take for example their advertisements on free credit – you know the guys in pirate costumes. This is the worst scam and they have numerous federal fines for charging innocent Americans for something they can get for free $24.99 a month until the cows come home. Experian hides behind the concept that no human being can complain enough to them to stop Experian from charging your credit card a monthly fee – even after you die. The other flagrantly using consumer’s emotions and calling it a business is protect my ID which in fact does nothing to help you after or during a fraud- again they charge a monthly fee like shackles that you can never remove.

You’ve hear the ads- Obama, you know he went to fancy colleges and made it without any help from anyone but his education. So who better to use, and never pay for the royalty as your poster boy to claim you have something good to offer the indigent, the unemployed and the gullible. Here are excerpts from the ads:

“President Obama has promised an ambitious expansion of the federal Pell Grant for single mothers. The Pell Grant currently offers a maximum of around $5000 for low-income students. For low-income single mothers, Obama would raise the maximum Pell Grant to $10,000. This would not only have the effect of increasing college enrollment for single mothers - it would also bring huge benefits to their children. Kids raised in poverty are far more likely to perpetuate that cycle themselves. They are more likely to drop out of school and enter the system of federal prisons and juvenile delinquent facilities. In the end, these disadvantaged children cost more to put through the penal system than the Pell Grant will spend educating them…”

In reality THERE IS NO I REPEAT NO special Obama Pell grants for single Moms. Pell grants have been available to everyone who applies for thirty years. The dollar amount just went up, that’s all.

So what Experian does is sell sell sell the concept in advertising and gets you the dumb innocent to enter all your credit information and telephone numbers so funky unlicensed schools can call you day and night. Oh yes and there’s going to be special fees just because Experian thinks you are a dumb single mom.

If I grind one idea into you it will be –

Anything that sounds too good to be true---- is too good to be true.

This not-lovely company employs hundreds of thousands employees. I am certain this blog will not be up for long. Thanks to a company right here in Orange County. (Perhaps I needed to use behind the orange curtain on this one.)


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