Before You Buy Check Out Your Neighbors

I owned a home in Kite Hill and loved my neighbors. I bought the house that was a wreck and over a year of remodeling and landscaping it became the house everyone visited to barbeque or have dinner.
The house I live in now is beautiful but buyer beware.

The seller is not going to tell you the neighbor is nuts.

A few signs that might not mesh with normal family

1. The neighbor takes their big dog on walks and leaves odorous little blue bags all over the sidewalks.

2. The neighbor places their black Weber barbecue upwind from your kitchen windows then regularly ignites twelve ounces of lighter fluid to start their coals. Imagine the fireworks.

3. The neighbor uses piles of squirrel bait and rat poison to kill rabbits on their hillside then throws the dead creatures into your yard for your dogs to consume.

4. The neighbor complains about everything- your wind chimes (you take them down) your children swimming in the pool in the afternoon (you keep them quiet) your rose petals fly into their yard and they have no flowers ( you trim them all low on their adjacent wall).

5. When a freind comes over and parks a Mercedes in a legal parking space in front of your own home. The neighbor has the car towed claiming it is their own and the battery is dead.

6. The neighbor takes pictures of your teenage daughter and her girlfriends when they sunbathe (with bathing suits on).

7. One Saturday afternoon the neighbor calls the police, when you have pro Angels players in your backyard with the little league team. Fortunately, the Sherriff joins for two minutes. They have a turkey burger to go. They disclose that the neighbor made hundreds of nuisance calls a year about the previous owner with imaginary problems.

8. You avoid using chemicals. You try to be green. You go out of your way to save water. The neighbor has their yard and house sprayed with poisons twice a month and runs their sprinklers every day causing the hillside to be saturated. (You live in an area where other hillsides have slid )

9. The neighbor removes your Halloween decorations and discards them. The neighbor moves your Christmas lights.

10. The neighbor has their gardener use your green trash bins because they do not want to pay for them. When you lock your gate, the gardener climbs over and does it anyway.

11. The neighbor uses their cars as weapons. They swerve toward to frighten your children when they walk to school. Next she actually bumps your youngest child with her car and proceeds to yell at him.

12. The neighbor calls the Homeowner Association to complain about:

Your orchid greenhouse fan makes a ticking noise. Your carpenter repairing some siding leaves his saw in your own yard for a day. You must take down your basketball hoop – although there are forty others in the track.

All I can say is location location location. I love my view. I have a great home but I wish the neighbor would sell.

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