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Is the market turning around?  The MBA purchase index seems to indicate the opposite. Mortgage
applications for refinancing ought to be at a booming pace, but even borrowers who might qualify for
a 3.875% thirty year fixed rate do not seem to be anxious to reduce their payments. There is a lack of
trust and malaise about getting your financial life in order. There is a pace of anger among Americans
as we recall September 11th and some desire to direct blame.

There are pockets of positive and improving market. The stock market has it's days of bubbling and then panic over the slightest of "news". ( What is newsworthy to our media seems so silly and trivial that at
times I wonder about the brain of our next generation). 

I surmise, we need to get back to work. We all must have passion for perfection in what we do.
Our government needs to move towards independance from oil. Build nulcear power plants, build desalinization plants, complete a railway from Southern California to Northern that works.

Today I say a prayer for some friends now gone at Cantor Fitzgerald. I hope you will bow your head and
ask God to bring us all closer.

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