Falling Back to School

Last hurrah before school starts. My children have long lists of things that do not involve back to school shopping. Cowboys football practices go from five a week plus a scrimmage to three. Carson has been running and is solid as a concrete block wall right now. He has a pizza party tonight, beach fire pit party tomorrow night, wants to get tan all of the sudden and invited the mongul horde for a barbeque. Blair's list involves a drive up to Los Angeles, some movies and she will let us know about three minutes before it happens.

I need to finish classes for work online at night, and finish my Fall donate and throw away everything program (my children seem to retrieve from the recycle bin and when Circle of Concern came yesterday to pick up the bags, boxes and loosely piled bric-a-brac, shoes, clothing and toys they were out there pulling stuff back).

The night air is getting cooler. The giant brown spiders are busy making webs on the hillside to pork up for the winter. The fog is back blanketing the night lights from Salt Creek Beach parking lot. It feels like Fall today.

I want to remind everyone to be more careful driving next week. For some reason adults seem to forget the rules around school zones in their hurry to get back in the routine. Go slower than 25 in a school zone, as children will just jump out of the car, parents will hurry and jay walk and we all want to have our children back to school safe.

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