Drip Mail Campaign

Direct mail used to be the mortgage standard to connect with our farm list. However, the cost to mail in printing, paper organizing and United States postage has increased not proportionate to how income has fallen. I miss my junk mail.

I received few or no direct mail campaigns with this last refinance interest rate drop. Is it because so many of the thousands of Mortgage Companies in Orange County have closed? Perhaps this is a contributing factor. Why do the remaining banks and direct lenders in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach no longer even drop me junk mail in a plastic zip lock bag?

I saved all the offers for mortgage rates that arrived in my mailbox, door jam and thrown on my front pergola. Why would I save the papers? Quarterly I laid them all over my living room floor and asked my two best consumers (my teenagers) which ones were visually appealing. I gave the remaining pile of four winners to my Mom (a generation above consumer) to pick her top two. This provided market information. Most of all it gave me what to copy. Is not that what Pablo Picasso said? “Combining the best from smart artists gave him creative input.” So please put me back on your mailing list. I am preparing my next advertising campaign and with so few competitors, perhaps my neighbors in Beacon Hill will actually call me.

Drip mail campaign- will Dana Point residents hate it if I put in a baggy and put them on every drive way?

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