I'm home 10:45 PM

After driving 9.5 hours.

Tomorrow I have requests of you, well a few...

Walk with your toes at two and eleven a little higher

( your usual walk but with a spark of perky)

Brush your teeth a few more strokes.
Smile at everyone at work one extra second.

Listen to the clients with your core not ears.

Let a string pull up your spine as you walk through a doorway.

Relax with work.

Actually enjoy every process.

Not labor - give freely as the word 'fun' not work.

Three letter words are mostly short self involved.

I am not talking scrabble words there are so few one (s)

Fun sun hay say may day

what is my point?

Tomorrow I dedicate the tiny the simple gestures as positive to

you. You a 3 letter word.

Be wonderful strong and loved.

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