Re-Think the Open House Concept

Rethink a new kind of open house. Get the seller ready before you start the listing:

1. A pre-appraisal is good. The seller might benefit from a bank style appraisal which is the standard they will be held to close a deal. Only list a home where the Seller is realistic about their home and their market.

2. Empty the garage, half the closets, sell or donate it all. Remove

religious, personal, smelly items, unique art, and make it more vanilla.

3. Paint neutral. Stage if they can afford it.

4. Wholesale flower planting. Supply the pots and the wholesale

Annuals arrive in a truck. One solid block of color.

5. Scrub clean every surface.

In Laguna Beach Realtors still drive together and visit open houses on preview. I believe I have seen the inside of every home on my “paper route.” Be cooperative and helpful to other agents and let the deals flow your way. This gives me an advantage not only in knowing the neighborhood, what the planning commission might approve, what the traffic is like on school mornings, but an edge above the others.

If City/HOA ordinance does not allow signage – get a dancing teen in a house costume twirling a sign. Get your lender, your title representative to review the last details before the open house, before the listing is in the MLS. Market outside of the box. Invest the time and attend the open house.

Have 200 people to walk through the open house. Start the buzz about that amazing Realtor and that great listing. Sell the home the first three weeks.  I am not saying serve cookies. Serve yourself and add some new spice to the idea of foot traffic.


Orange County Jobs Improve Just a Little

“Orange County leads a very slow recovery in California,” said Jerry Nickelsburg, senior economist, UCLA Anderson Forecast. “Growth in Orange County manufacturing, professional, scientific, technical and leisure and hospitality services has been more rapid than in the state as a whole. However, overall, the county's employment picture is only marginally improved from the depth of the recession.”


प्लेअसे रीड माय नोवेल "टोक्सिक अस्सेट्स " व्हिच इस बेंग रेलेअसेद ओं अमाज़ों नवम्बर फिफ्तींथ

कारोलिने गेरार्दो बर्बौ

كارولين جيرارد باربي


بليس رد مي نوفل

وكسيس استس


أن أمازون بوكس

نوفمبر ١خث