Link for $25 off items not shipping at CSN

Twenty five dollar free gift certificate : “modern furniture” to

CSN stores has some wonderful prices and selection on hardwood and stone flooring. Since you are most likely the same as myself, we can’t sell so be happy in your home there has been no better time in the past twenty years to complete home improvement projects.

At this time of year, when contractors are hungry for work I can recommend an excellent Flooring contractor: Terry Schleede (949) 433-3282

I purchased these barstools from CSN for less than $75 and saw them at Restoration Hardware for $ 198 X 2 = $396each and on Ballard Designs for $ 129 each =$259.
I promise you that just a little winter after Christmas sprucing up your Orange County Home will feel joyful and bring prosperity this New Year. God Bless and let us all plan for a profitable 2011!

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