Succulent Crafty Trend

A big trend in Orange County home gardens is using succulents as landscaping and in pots. I believe the fashion is stirred several things. First there is an interest in conserving water. My local water company Mouton Niguel Water put limits on the days, times and amounts of yard watering we are allowed to sprinkle. The strange thing is the Home Owner Associations seem to rebel against the look of a low water landscaped front yard. In fact numerous homeowners in Association tracts are fined if they don’t have sixty percent grass lawn in the front. The second reason I believe this is one of the dominant plant types at our local nurseries is - because they are cheap. The plants are not cheaper to buy, but they require little or no maintenance.

I am not the greatest fan of succulents, I am more interested in California natives, organic produce and cottage flowers but here is my crafty salute to gifts or new versions of potted succulents you can make in ten minutes. Little or no cost and a five year old can help you.

Items needed: find some recycled wire frames (old Christmas wreaths or recycled wire pots) sphagnum moss and some clippings from neighbors succulents. Offer to make them one in exchange for the clippings.
(I keep a large piece of cardboard on the one side of our garage for painting project tarps)

Spray paint the metal with some gloss paint to keep rust down. Make a nest of sphagnum that has been soaked in water and push in the plants. I added an epiphytic orchid that I have growing wild that I know requires little care. I used these garden labels that you can use a pencil to write a note or the name of the plant. I then took some old nail polish and just brushed it over the words to be able to read the label better.

I will practice and let this one grow. I have a number of antique wire baskets and I am toying with using them. Perhaps if you do a mortgage with me I will give you some...

"Enthusiasm Changes The World." Caroline Gerardo copyright 2012

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