Guacamole Mask?

I read this recipe on Pinterest for an avocado and apricot mask and since I have these in our garden, why not?
After blending the ingredients and applying a lumpy paste to my face, I decided to go back out and pick a lemon, get some cherry tomatoes and chop a red onion very fine. The mask was a total fail, but guacamole with bell peppers and a twist or two, the experiment paid off. When life gives you lemons make guacamole.
2 ripe avocados (save the pits to keep from turning brown fast), Juice of one lemon, Hot sauce to taste, ½ Finely chopped red or Maui onion ,+ eight cherry tomatoes smashed
Fresh Thyme (yes, not cilantro this time) and a tiny bit fresh basil
I cheated and used Lawry’s salt to eat it fast with yellow and red bell peppers
When life gives you a lumpy face make something else.

Italian Lemons in the garden (Sorrento)

Cherry tomatoes growing high enough that Coco can't steal them. (one of our dogs eats all the perfect tomatoes)

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