Thanksgiving Family Fun

 Nieces, nephews and my children setting up for Risk marathon game after dinner. We enjoy the fun of our family being together. All the kids sleep over. We went to the trampoline jumping place, played baseball, and football...
Thanksgiving fireplace and table during the day. Sweet gum leaves -wash in cold water soak in 1 part water 1 part glycerin on cookie sheets with weight on top. We tried melting crayons and they were ugly. We also tried hand lotion and the result is crumbly leaves. String leaves with jute

Platter with fresh vegetables by my daughter Blair in shape of a turkey. We're big game players after Thanksgiving dinner- Monopoly - and Risk

Table setting in process earlier in the day. I used old quilts as folk art tablecloth. Sprigs of rosemary and thyme were arranged, cut from my organic garden. These are placed low so guests may talk. Candles and flowers were added last minute

View from upstairs
Thanksgiving at my house for twenty two guests. I pace myself and start three days in advance. Menue includes: roast turkey with herbs brined in salt and herbs the day before. Elle's Mashed garlic potatoes, beets with grapefruit and feta chees, salad with five vegetables, corn muffins, rosemary gravey, quiche with artichoke, Jen brought sweet potato cassarole, stuffing, roasted chestnuts and green beans, pumpkin and squash Indian spiced soup in pumpkins, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, apple pie, fudge, pumpkin cheesecake, lemon and tangerine bread, and snacks before and after.

Daughter Blair made individual place cards for all family members


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