NEW YEARS Financial Resolutions

New Years Financial Planning or how to plan your paradise

Bird Of Paradise - Living in Financial Bliss?


1.      Improve your FICO score. The interest rate on residential, credit card or commercial loans are directly related to your FICO score. Call me and let’s strategize the 20 steps to improve your scores.

2.      Keep better financial records. Start the year off using your smart phone and backing it up, or use a Franklin planner if that works for you, but keep records of your mileage and receipts for work related expenses.

3.      Whether if it is business or personal taxes, get on filing them early

4.      Cut your cost of capital. Stop using high rate credit cards, as your card company to reduce the rate, waive the annual fees and don’t let them run more inquiries

5.      Plan your retirement, savings, stock and bond accounts and get involved by actively understanding and managing them.

6.      Don’t buy it if you must put it on credit.

7.      Access long term repairs to your home and automobiles and budget for them.

8.      Save more.

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