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12 Tips for Real Estate Investors to Make Money
I can do Conventional  FHA VA Jumbo and Super Jumbo, Hard Money, Purchase and Refinance
Foreclosure for Sale Flip
Buy foreclosures and distressed properties rehab and flip or repair and hold for the market to improve?

·         5-10 Financed Properties for Investors

·         Understand Mortgage Underwriting and keep in contact with your lender. Having a lender that can do all kinds of loans, or knows where to refer you to the right source is valuable. If your credit is weak, I can give you tips to repair that or a referral to raise that FICO. Pricing on  Mortgage Interest rates are driven by FICO

·         Cash out Refinance for Investors who bought REO foreclosures and distressed properties in the past six months, no seasoning required to get the appropriate ( loan to value per guidelines) cash back return on investment when investor is holding property, even short term hold to flip

·         Investors can get cash back by refinancing with me in the first six months. In this market sometimes you have to close with cash to get the deal.

·         No bank overlays (extra requirements our government has on each bank that sells loans to Fannie and Freddie) Understand that Wells Fargo has different rules than J P Morgan Chase. Going to a bank is a middle man,  just as most mortgage brokers are middle men. Go to a mortgage banker who is direct.

·         Purchases close in 15 days if you have your paperwork all complete in advance of the offer– no bank slow boat to nowhere

·         Make your offer in person with seven day appraisal contingency

·         Refinance close in 29 days

·         Assume in any foreclosure you purchase it will need a new water heater and HVAC. Be aware of local planning permit laws about strapping water heaters and wiring for HVAC. Knowing the rules is important because your plumber of installer may not. Don’t use a 24 hour water heater service that charges more for the instant repair. Shop for water heater by size of existing space and compare prices.

·         Number one thing in purchasing investment property is the location. You can’t change or fix location. Check for blue ribbon schools in area, this is a great starting point for desirable location.

·         If you are going to rehab and flip, assume everything will cost 30% more than you think. Save the extra paint, parts, and supplies as you will need these for repairs later and the next project. Have a general theme of your design project: a favorite paint combination that matches with your finishes. Keep design simple, so a variety of people can see themselves loving the property. Be aware of curbside appeal to buyers. Pencil out your costs, time line and keep to the schedule. You may have to actually go pick up your laborers/ contractors to work your schedule. It is a great idea to network with others and compile a list of a great: plumber, dry wall guy, painter, the local wholesale landscape grower etc…

·         If you are deciding to hold the property, aim for a two year lease. It costs time and money to have vacancy. The types of finishes you choose for leasing a property should be durable and simple.

 The market in California has seen gains of 7% - 10% of median price. Don’t fall in love with one property and overbid. Keep shopping and making fair offers. I’ve seen offers that state $100 over anyone else’s bid. This seems risky.
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