Foreign National Mortgages California

 Foreign National Loan Program
The Foreign National Loan Program
Non-Resident and Non-U.S. Citizens borrowing in California.
This is suitable for example for Canadian Nationals who are purchasing investment property in the United States or may travel part of the year to warmer climates as a second home.

30-year fixed rate mortgage

 30% down payment required from borrower’s own checking or savings account with and must have 6 months reserves, reserves are not secured they are just viewed. Bank statements for the past 60 days, all pages are required

24 months of credit history

Income on foreign federal tax returns for the past 24 months are averaged. Income totals are converted into US dollars. Borrower provides signed copies of taxes, paystubs, and verification from employer

 Credit report must contain four (4) trade lines plus mortgage rating

International credit report required

Single family homes and condos allowed

Two forms of identification: passport, driver’s license etc

Borrowers with diplomatic immunity are ineligible

Borrowers may not have a Social Security number, they might only have a SIN number, or ID number

Property must be vested as real persons, for example: husband and wife as joint tenants or a single man or woman as sole and separate.


Mortgage borrowers sign and guarantee the promissory note.


Borrowers must qualify with income, investment properties not on tax returns are treated as debts without rental income.

Borrower will be notarized at a US Embassy, thumb printing is required

Other terms and conditions apply, call for information and quotes

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