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Mortgage Rates Edging up then Down :)

Photo from trip, "Lioness camouflaged sticking out her tongue" photo by Caroline Gerardo copyright all rights reserved
March 2013 came in like a lion and out like a lamb in mortgage rates. Month end interest rates in California were flat or bouncing on the bottom. Will April be as kind? Indications seem to push home loan rates just an eighth higher, but upward rates will slow our recovery. Bond traders taking some profits early today. Right now this hour indications might close the bond market to lower rates today and tomorrow by fractions. My crystal ball says until the end of April we will see upward by another sixteenth, unless more countries in the EU stir the brush and make that lioness mad.
In Orange County and specifically Newport Beach and Laguna Beach there remains a frenzy to purchase property and close before the next storm.

10-Year Government Bond Yields

AmericasYield1 Day1 Month1 YearTime
United StatesMore US Treasuries1.84%-20-4609:15:16


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