Upcycled Orange County Garden

Container from galvanized trash can planted with succulents. Fill the bottom with perlite and sand and poke holes  (if it doesn't already have some:) This will help the pot to drain.

 One pint of TRUST a dash of Caring ( I would say gallon of caring) understanding, shared secrets, mutual affection, respect, common interest, listening and fun. Sweet plaque for the patio
A fairy circle of pots?

This fountain is an old cast iron shop table from a school that was throwing it away. The top is a door cut in unequal halves. (Cutting the one channel in a 1/3 proportion makes this fun. Old reused galvanized rain gutters for the water spout. A new pump, gravel and a variety of ferns

At the end of this summer I need to divide some of my stag horns. I'm looking for new ways to use recycled barn wood or cast iron gate material to hang them. Any ideas? Recycled, upcycled materials that can hold weight?

Dahlia - love this color but - but - I planted white ones. Another summer surprise in my garden.

Bird houses in a neighbor's patio.

One of many  of my hardy begonias. Three years ago the tuberous fancy ones got a blight. I couldn't find good replacements at Plant Depot, or Green Thumb or Laguna Nursery. Instead of replanting the ones that disappeared I tried some new varieties I have a couple that are five feet tall. The best surprise is a few that did not bloom or shoot waxy leaves in the past three years somehow are back. Surprise they are smiling in my garden. Come on over I'll serve you tea and send you home with organic seeds.
Caroline Gerardo

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