Mortgage Paperwork

So You are Buying a new house and need a loan.
This is a list of the paperwork needed to start a mortgage application:

Borrower(s) names as they are to appear on the deed  We don't vest in a LLC, Corporation or Tenants in Common
Social Security number(s)  (cards if FHA)
Driver’s license or other photo ID’s passport if you are foreign national
Home address(es) for the past 2 years

Paycheck stubs for the last 30 days
W-2’s and Personal Tax Returns for the last 2 years
If self-employed or commissioned, personal and/or business tax returns with schedules
for the last 2 years (year-to-date profit and loss statement and balance sheets may be required)
Employment information for the past 2 years, including employer, job title, tenure and employer’s addresses
Social Security or retirement benefit award letters
Most recent 2 months statements (all pages) from banks or other financial institutions
Source of any non-payroll deposits over $500. (order copies through your bank)

Fully executed gift letter and proof of transfer (if applicable)
Property addresses for all real estate you own
Mortgage loan statements for all mortgages
Other insurance and HOA statements for all properties

Copy of bankruptcy filing and discharge if applicable
Purchase property information with sales contract and addendums
Copy of divorce decree and proof of child support (if applicable)
12 mo cancelled rent checks or prop. mgmt co. contact (if applicable)
Certificate of Eligibility and DD214 for Veterans
Additional Items May be  Needed
Closing a mortgage loan takes a great deal of paperwork. Since you took the time to read my list here are twelve other bird houses I like :)


older estate home

cute cottage

basic starter home




These metal Birdhouses are available at Madison Square Gardens In Laguna Beach

low budget condos
Bird house photographs taken with my iphone

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