Mortgage Rates Improving!

Mortgage Rates Falling From Sunny Sky :)

It feels like Fall here in Southern California and I thank God today for all my blessings. My children are working hard on their studies. I am beating the bushes for new business and old Borrowers to take a look at saving some money because mortgage rates have ticked down! Please call me to chat about perhaps refinancing out of your FHA loan with Mortgage Insurance MI or a loan with PMI because values have increased and you may be able to dump that expensive insurance.
C. G.  (949) 637-8190 anytime from 7 AM to 7 PM  NMLS 324982

Photograph of smoldering in Arizona - please be extra careful now that our hillsides are dry. Cut brush down away from your home. You know the drill.

Grand Canyon Photo from recent road trip

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