Orange County California Gardens

Rustic Table reclaimed from the trash- sanded and added blue pots to match with white azalea and hydrangea, below white jasmine
Our climate in Orange County California is mild enough for most herbs, perennials, flowers and vegetables to survive with drip  irrigation and no chemicals. I don't use any pesticides or fertilizers and get excellent results.

Pots on the wall have Mexican sage, below are: oregano, thyme, a variety of salvias, echinacea  (purple coneflower) chamomile on the right to name a few. Mixing the plants allows for flowering at staggered times and is healthier for the plants.

 Climbing beans and squash in rear of herbs
Your morning café au lait is ready. This café table is lovely.

This Laguna Beach garden might look funky to some but the row of terracotta pots and bunnies standing guard are charming.
Tea cups ( really giant pots ) with pansies, geranium and impatiens. Impatiens are the easiest color to grow in partial shade. I am constantly picking smashing and fighting snails and slugs but they don't eat impatiens.

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