Canadians Buying Real Estate

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Items needed for a Foreign National to start a home loan

Canadian tax returns 2011 2012
current paycheck stubs past 30 days
bank statements all pages past 60 days - not online printouts
driver's license and passport copies
Loans are in Borrowers names NOT in LLC or Corporate Vesting
4 credit references ( mortgage, credit card or auto loan)
complete forms

More paperwork will be required after initial review


Please read:






ITIN: apply for an individual tax ID number via W7 form which can be found on

•You do not need to file taxes with this form if you are applying for a home loan (special exemption)

•The ITIN does not need to be received/in the file prior to funding. We just need evidence the form has been submitted to the IRS.

A letter from an accountant/CPA is required verifying income figures for the last two years and must provide year to date income figures.

• 4 years continual self employment required. 2 years in the same line of work with 2 full years of self-employment may be considered.

• 1 year income documentation required; 2 years may be requested by the Underwriter in certain instances

• A CPA or CA letter, on the CPA's letterhead, documenting YTD and previous two year's income is required.

All CA contact information must be verifiable.


􀁻 Accountant/CA’s business is to be verified using LexisNexis, D&B International Business

Caroline Gerardo
NMLS # 324982
(949) 637-8190 cell phone

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