Living At the Beach

South Laguna Beach home in the morning

Living at the beach has many benefits. Research demonstrates that the view of the sea reduces stress, better air quality improves lung capacity and encourages a healthier lifestyle. I remember my Grandmother with her white legs in the waves patting the salt water on her arms telling us, “ocean water is good for you.” I believe what she said is true.
The ocean also offers natural beauty that people who have daily access to the wonder seem more appreciative of sunsets, the changes in the tide and moments changing in our daily lives.
Living near the daily moisture poses a couple problems to your home. The exterior will require more frequent painting, sealing the windows and looking for rust. Our rooftops seem to get yellowish mold, and actual green moss tends to grow on the north side of brick or mortar. A simple scrub with bleach diluted will keep these at a minimum.
Enjoy winter with moderate temperatures. I had coffee this morning in my backyard listening to the sounds of the tide and enjoying the birds. Perhaps I will walk down to the beach and splash some of those positive ions on us all. Have a happy day!


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