Winter Home Maintenance






Fall home preparation.
Flush hot water heater, clean out vents. This prolongs the life of the heater and helps with efficiency as well. In Orange County we have terrible corrosive water. Checking the water heater is vital. There are also service companies that will clean your air ducts. After any construction, remodel or in dusty areas you might consider getting all that junk out every other year. 

Winterize air conditioning systems. Remove and store window units. If you have central air, cover the outside unit with a tarp or plastic sheeting and secure with bungee cords. Clean out leaves or debris.
Get heating system ready. Add insulation to windows or doors that leak air. Make sure heating vents are open and not blocked by furniture. Get furnace serviced/inspected at least every other year, preferably annually. As with the AC, this shouldn’t be a huge expense. Don’t forget about fireplaces if you have them. Hire a professional to sweep the chimney, and inspect the brick, flue and caps.
Turn off and flush outdoor water faucets. Also flush hoses and store them. Winterize sprinkler systems as well. (this not necessary in warmer climates such as Orange County where I live J
Check driveway for cracks. Make sure to have re-sealed before winter; water can freeze and expand in the cracks, causing more damage. Have a pro grind down any entry walk that lifts as to trip someone.
Buy gear that is off season.   Purchase summer goods in the Fall when they are on sale. In September shade umbrellas, cushions, garden tools and pool equipment is discounted to make room for Christmas decorations.
Check foundation of your home.  Take a very long flat head screw driver and go around the perimeter looking for dry rot or mud tubes in the soil up to wood. Termite granules purchased a a hardware store won’t kill all the infestation, but will slow the buggers down. I am a huge proponent of organic and not using chemicals, as I love to have vegetables and herbs to eat but orange oil doesn’t work. Check where rain gutters or water settles. Removing water sources will make the next colony go elsewhere. They are mostly in kitchens and bathrooms.
Paint Once a family owns a home painting is the most overlooked tool. Paint seals the home and needs to be freshened up indoors and out. Check laundry room, where your dogs sleep and bathrooms all these are a Saturday project to freshen up this winter.
Bleach and water solution of one cup bleach and two cups water – wash under all sinks, around base of toilets and caulking. If you have black or red discolored grout take a toothbrush (open all the windows) and apply bleach not diluted. Leave it on for an hour and rinse a couple times with water. A half a cup of bleach can scrub a whole bathroom. Don’t pour a quart and leave it open the fumes are not good.

Oil and lubricate doors, locks, and anything metal.

Check and change light bulbs and batteries for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Get the whole family on a chore day together!




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