Urth Cafe Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach house balcony
Just a personal blog note today.
Weather in Laguna Beach has been overnight dripping showers,
not cold enough to put on a wet suit,
not warm enough to garden after work.
Dare I complain when I'm headed to Boston to visit
colleges with my son, and stay at Harvard Business
School professor apartments with my sister Nori.
This morning I sighted contractors with paper
plans in rolls at the long defunct Cottage restaurant.
I look forward to Urth Café opening at the old Cottage location.
Urth Café in Los Angeles is one of my favorite stops.
It will be fun to have them right across from the museum.
I can see the line now.
I wonder how long it will take to clean up the
grease traps, leaking roof and
dare I say foundation.
Meanwhile I'm shopping my seed catalogues
for rare vegetables and flowers for spring.
What are you working on?

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